Thursday, December 3, 2009

Random Dozen #2

I'm participating in Random Dozen, over at 2nd Cup of Coffee today for the second time. Since my camera is still missing I thought this would be a good thing to do, Check it out and read the other Random participants.

1. Which Wizard of Oz character are you most like? Now that's starting off with a hard one. Probably Dorothy because I always see the possibilities.

2. When you're deciding what you're going to wear each morning, which item do you select first? Why? If I'm staying home it's easy.... something comfortable like capri's in the summer or sweats in the winter. If I'm going out I look in my closet and the first decision is slacks or skirt. Then I select that and then the top to go with it.

3. What kind of animal do you think the world could live without? MEAN dogs that hurt and attack young children. One of my friends at church Grandchild was just mauled by one of this type.

4. How many Christmas trees are in your home? We've always just had one....until this year and I've put a small, pre-lit one with no other ornaments in the guest bedroom for Aric to enjoy. Yesterday was his weekly Wednesday to spend with us and he was so very pleased to see it!

6. Do you ever experience holiday let-down or depression? Usually I am very excited and love it. I did have a spell, way over 20 years ago, when I dreaded Christmas because our family was going through some hard times.

7. Do you like Michael Jackson's music? I don't listen to a lot of "popular" style music so I couldn't tell you a thing about that music. I love Christian music and classical, especially piano and violin.

8. Why is it that we never judge people who have their teeth fixed for cosmetic reasons, but every other cosmetic procedure has a stigma? I don't pay a lot of attention to that type of thing one way or another.

9. Enjoy horseback riding? Loved to ride when I was younger. My sister and her husband had horses when I was a teenager and I loved spending time with them and riding.

10. Shoes--practical or stylish? I USE to wear very high heels but could not do so now and wear very cute, but practical, flats.

11. What was the name of your first pet? A cat named Muffy. I loved and adored her especially since I was raised as an only child.

12. What percentage of your Christmas shopping is done? First, we are doing very little this year, except for the grandkids. I'd say about 1/2.

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Kathy said...

I love your post, Susan. It's always fun getting to know you better. Danny and I were both commenting earlier this morning about how we love blogging with you. : ) We love getting to know you, and being friends in Christ with the knowledge that someday we really will meet! : ) Can't wait.

Mari said...

Those were some interesting questions. I liked getting to know you better too. I echo Kathy's feelings about blogging with you!

Pam said...

Hey Susan! I'm with you on the shoes sister! I really miss my hot pink stilettos sometimes!

I'm thrilled to have some time to visit blogs today! I was so happy to find your comment yesterday about Jackie's visit.

Yes, PTL, as of 2 wks. ago, hubby is gainfully employeed! We have seen God's amazing hand work through all of our woes. We've both learned so much and are thankful for the closer walk with God we have now! Thanks for your prayers. Hubby is still in a 5 wk. management training course, which usually takes 12 wks. He is being rushed thru. He still needs much prayer as he is under a lot of stress at the moment. Thanks Sis!

Mountain Mama said...

I enjoyed reading your meme. I have to agree with you about mean dogs. Unfortuantely the dog owners are frequently responsible for the animals behavior and I think the world would be a better place without them too.

I'm with you on the shoe issue too. Although I would love to be able to wear some fancy heels occassionally.
But the comfy and practial flats are usually my choice.

I'm about halfway done with my Christmas shopping too. I'm just waiting on a sale to finish up.

Maxine said...

I enjoyed this, Susan. I agree with Mountain Mama about the owners of the mean dogs. That's most often where the problem lies. Never could wear the very high heels. Alsways wished I could, but I always felt I was going to break my neck when I had them on. Thanks for the enjoyable post.

Lisa said...

oh, that was fun...wew have only one tree, too...and i've not even started good on my shopping for the girls!