Friday, December 4, 2009


God so often speaks to me through nature and what I see with my eyes.

We have a Japanese Maple tree in our front yard. This fall it has had the most beautiful brilliant RED leaves. The sun would shine on them and it looked almost like it was on fire. I would have taken a picture to post but for the mislaid camera :o(

SUDDENLY we have had a very cold snap, along with winds, and the side of the tree away from the house was being stripped of it's leaves. I mentioned it to Mickey and within another 2 days the tree was TOTALLY bear of it's leaves.

This spoke to me of the Christian life that is ablaze with joy, hope and fulfillment that SUDDENLY, when faced with an unexpected turn of events, begins to lose that joy, hope and fulfillment and within a very short time is totally bereft of all the truth they have once known.

On the other hand, we have 2 large native Oak trees where the leaves very gradually turn into a non-descript yellowish color, then into a unappealing brown, BUT they cling with all they have, regardless of the winds that blow or the sudden cold snaps. These leaves, although not bearing the appearance of beauty, remain on the tree until next spring when the new buds of life push them off to make room for the new green growth.

This speaks to be of the Christian life that weathers the storms and clings to the TRUTH that summer will once again come and all the hope, joy & fulfilment will return anew and the tree will grow even taller and put down even deeper roots.

My prayer and hope is that I will develop to be the sturdy Oak tree that will always cling to TRUTH no matter what assails me.

*No, I am not going through a difficult period in my life!!!! I can just relate to times in my life when I have.

As a matter of fact, I have WONDERFUL news. Mickey just had his medical check-up and was given an excellent report. YEAH!!! They do not even want to see him for a year, although he will go in for blood work in 6 months. Praise God

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Dawn said...

Very good, Susan. So true - I love it. The bright tree also reminds me of people who accept Jesus, go great guns for awhile, and then just disappear. So sad.

Sharon said...

That was just beautiful and so true.
I also want to be that old oak tree.
I can always come here for my inspiration on a daily need.

Joy said...

I enjoyed your example of the two trees.
So happy to hear the news on Mickey.


Mari said...

Great news on Mickey! I want to be an Oak tree too!

Brenda said...

That's wonderful news about Mickey!
A great analogy you've shared today, thanks.

Kathy said...

Susan, I think it's wonderful how God is speaking to you so clearly through what YOU see, and then He's having you communicate it to us without the assistance of any actual a way I think this is Him. I don't like the misplaced camera, but I see Him using this, hopefully short, season in your blogging.

I loved the post, and the analogy. There is a way to prepare for a frost when it comes to trees. How would God have us prepare for harder times? I think it's a question to consider.

Anonymous said...

Just studied on our lesson this week about being pruned. When we remain in God's word the pruning doesn't hurt as much. When we go our own way and become out of control, the pruning tends to hurt more.

It was such a good lesson to stay connected to the Word and to allow the Lord to constantly prune us without the consequences of our straying.

Lisa said...

clinging to the TRUTH! I loved this post Susan. I needed these words, thanks!

Lisa said...

Oh, and I'm so happy to hear about Mr. Mickey's good report! That is excellent! God will continue to Bless!

Crystal said...

Excellent thoughts, Susan! How nice to hear the good news for Mickey :)) I've enjoyed wandering back into your posts and catching up with you. Take care!

retha said...

So good to hear it goes so well with the Sir!

Marie said...

So wonderful the news about Mickey. I liked your comparison of the trees. That was great.

Sunny said...

Thanks Susan for your analogy of the trees. Very thought provoking.

Glad to hear of your husband's good health report. He can just keep on enjoying those wonderful honey-bees! We have been enjoying honey lately from one of our bee-keeping friends back in PA. It is wonderful stuff!!

Momma Roar said...

Wonderful news to share about Mickey!!

This is a great visual for me - and we have the same two trees in our yard! I know that I will remember this post often! Thanks so much for sharing it.

Tina said...

wonderful analogy Susan

groovyoldlady said...

Wonderful and true. Praise God for those glimpses of insight!

groovyoldlady said...

Oh...and Yippee for Mickey!!