Friday, February 5, 2010


Bobbi left me this comment a few days ago on my post about God Knocks Our Socks Off.

"As Sister Rosalee use to shout out to Pastor giving a praise report, HALLELUJAH!!!

What a blessing, Susan! PRAISE YOUR HOLY NAME, LORD!

Thank YOU for blessing this ministry and those involved!

Just another confirmation of GOD's faithfulness.

AND I love that You and Mickey are not slowing down and "retiring"!


There is no such word as "retiring" in our book. How could there be?!! When we are children of the LIVING GOD.

5 1/2 years ago Mickey & I had a word spoken over us. I won't repeat the entire word but the second sentence was: "You're never too old", says the Spirit of God. "You're never too young."

Our society tries it's best to tell us we are either "too old" - "too young" - "too busy" - "too dumb" - "too poor" - "too ill" - "too hurt"....... and on and on......just pick YOUR "too ........" and fill in the blank!!!!

It is a lie from the pit of hell !!!!! He has been a lier from the beginning but, I'm sorry to say and see, far too many of God's redeemed, by His own PRECIOUS BLOOD, buy into it .

The fields are ripe unto harvest but the laborers are few. SOOOOO - I repeat the closing lines of this word spoken to us 5 1/2 years ago:

"You're never too old. You've waited a long time but you're never too old," says the Spirit of God. "You've got a lifetime ahead of you, of following me, walking together with me and hearing my voice," says the Spirit of God. Amen...Amen...Amen...Amen."

PLEASE don't buy into satan's lies one day longer.

As for Mickey & I, as long as we have breath and life in us we will not retire


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Mari said...

You two are a great example! Thanks for listening to that word!

Barbara said...

Retirement! what's that? Retirement from paid work maybe and then being busier than ever with all there is to do in the Kingdom.

Susan Skitt said...

Let's keep serving the LORD! You are both an inspiration!!!

BTW - I have a book giveaway contest on my blog. All are welcome to enter! The winner will be picked Feb. 14th!

Maxine said...

Preach it, Sister! I am with you on that one! That how the Lord wants it I am sure of that. Keep being an inspiration--I am right on your heels, sis.

Psalm 92 says of the righteous that they shall "still bring forth fruit in old age; they shall be fat and flourishing." I'm already the fat part, but I want to flourish too!

Sandra said...

You and Mickey are definately a lot more active than most people I know. Retirement??? I don't think there is any Biblical evidence that we should ever retire.

Mountain Mama said...

"God does not call the qualified, he qualifies those he has called."

Just keep on keeping on Susan. Our work is never done and He strengthens us for the day.
Love & Hugs.

Brenda said...

Very encouraging, Susan. What an awesome Word from the Lord. Confirmation you probably already knew, right?!

Devoted said...

How many times do we have to read the Bible to realize that God uses the ordinary to accomplish the EXTRAORDINARY? It is He and not me...

You are a prime example and I praise God for you and pray for your success as the two of you are his feet and his hands extended.

Bobbi said...

And your post expressed my sentiments exactly! :D I hope you knew that's what I meant. Pastor says there's not time to retire when you're a child of the kingdom. :)
Great post, Susan...and thanks for telling me! I saw the comment you left me the other day. I thought I made another one letting you know I had. oh well...

Tina said...

you are an amazing inspiration, Susan!!!

Civilla said...

My husband felt a word from the Lord several years ago, that we are to consider ourselves the same ages as the ages of our childrens' friends' parents (like, 10 years younger than we are). Hallelujah. After this recent good report from the doctor, we have faith to believe it. We believed it when we first felt it from the Lord, but after my husband found out he had leukemia, we couldn't believe it any more. Such a cloud over us. But, now the doc says his kind of leukemia is rather benign and will probably never need treatment! Please, Lord, let it be so, and let us once again walk in that Word!