Friday, February 5, 2010


We celebrated our grandson Aric's 11th birthday Wednesday night at Mi*mi's, his favorite restaurant. All the family was in attendance, with the exception of his cousin, Jessica, who had to work :o( As always we had a grand time and Aric was thrilled with his big present from his dad, a Nintendo DSI.

I goofed BIG time, with my new camera and did not turn on the flash, and have no decent pictures to post. Present were his sister, Oksana, Grandma Susan & Grandpa Mickey, Aunt Suzette & Uncle Dave, Aunt Jacque & Benny and of course his dad, Marc and soon to be step-mom, Deann. As always we had a grand time.

We are so very blessed with the love and closeness of our wonderful family and the fact that we have all of them, except #1 son, David, living close to us where we can all get together like this.

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Sharon said...

Happy Birthday to Aric.
It does sound like a fun family time.
thanks for sharing
God bless

retha said...

Happy belated birthday wishes Aric.

Mari said...

Happy Birthday to Aric! You always have such a great time with family and it's a blessing to see that.

Jillian, Inc said...

Sounds like a great birthday - and a smart boy to choose such a great place to eat! ha!

Sandra said...

Happy Birthday Aric!!! I've never heard of Mimi's. You'll have to tell me about that place.