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With all my excitement and joy over the King's Kitchen I want to assure you this is just one work that is going on at Coweta Assembly. I am so very proud to be part of this church and this group of Jesus lovers and followers. So I want to give you a bigger view of my wonderful church.

First, and foremost, and the reason for this strong body of believers is our wonderful Pastor Gary Rogers and his lovely wife of 35 years, Paula.

Although Pastor Gary has only been Mickey & my Pastor for 3 years and 2 months, he has been serving as Pastor at Coweta Assembly for going on 17 years. The church has grown greatly under his leadership. He shares that his first service there were just a few people present, and 4 of them had come in his car!!!

Pastor Gary first and foremost loves the Lord and his mission for our church is "To decrease the population of hell and increase the population of heaven." Every sermon, every teaching, every activity of the church is geared to that one purpose.

Sister Paula is a retired school teacher who brings her love of children and her love of learning and teaching into full swing in various ways in the church. Gary & Paula have been happily married 35 years.

Coweta Assembly has a full time staff of 9. These 7:

And not pictured - Melody, Office Manager - Misty, Pastor's Secretary.
We, also, have an elected Deacon Board of 7.

What I am most proud of is, we do not have just a large Church that is used only on Sundays and Wednesdays, and occasionally another time. NO - there is something going on ALL the time at Coweta Assembly and our Church is opened up to the use of our community.

Just as an example last week: February 14-20.

SUNDAY: 8 am, 10:45 am & 6 pm services. 9:45 am Small Group Meetings. At the 8 & 10:45 services this week Bridge Builders Ministry leaders were highlighted during the sermon. Missions was having an entree sale after both am services to raise money for the 2 upcoming Spring Missions trips. Fine Arts met at 4:30. Also during the 6 pm services Sister Paula is conducting G.E.D. classes. I am one of about 10 mentors and am privileged to be working with a young woman. There are 2 young women and 1 young man currently in the class. This is a new program begun 3 weeks ago called CA Academy.

MONDAY: 6:30 pm, in the ORC Building, the Young-At-Heart Ministry was having their monthly meeting and pot-luck dinner (this month Italian). I was honored to be invited and to give the devotion on "LOVE". At the same 6:30 time, in the Parlor Kitchen in the main Sanctuary building, Mickey & Valerie, Bill, Tammy & Sherry were busy preparing the main course for The King's Kitchen delivery the next morning. At 6 pm there had also been a brief Board Meeting. Pastor also does private Counseling on Monday evenings.

TUESDAY: 9 am the ORC building is abuzz with activity; Bill & his daughter, Nancy, are busy preparing a sit down banquet for 100 that evening! Paula, Cathi, & Dustin are busy setting up long tables pushed together in the shape of a cross. All are covered with white table clothes with broad red ribbons flowing down the center, with small twinkling lights wound through the ribbons. There were also several round tables set up with the red ribbons & lights and with a ceramic cross in the center of each. I wish I had taken some pictures. It was stunning!!!!

9 am in the Parlor Kitchen Mickey & I are cooking the Swiss Chicken, Green Beans, & New Potatoes and browning rolls for the 28 meals that are going out to homes today. We are also loading up the cold containers for the 4 different routs with containers of cottage cheese & peaches, apple or cherry cobbler, individual containers of ice cream, 1% milk, & butter. Janice comes in to assist and help about 10, as well as Cathi comes in from the ORC and decorating to help us. Around 11 our 4 teams of drivers & deliverers begin arriving: Tim & Jenne - Jimmy & Nellie - Andy & Dustin - Joi & Cathi (wearing her 3rd hat of the morning!). Around 11:15 I, Janice, Tim, & Jenne begin to fill the 3 part hot trays and put a hot roll in a sandwich bag while Mickey is packing them into the hot containers. By 11:45 all 4 teams are on the road. Mickey, Janice & I clean up the kitchen.

10 am Judy & Thelma came in to work in and open The Klothes Kloset until 2 pm. This ministry has grown so much since it was started in September last year that it is having to be moved into a bigger room within the ORC. Praise God!

2 pm there was a memorial service for a grandfather of a young man who attends our church.

5 pm 100 Pastors and church leaders from all over the NE part of Oklahoma which make up the Sectional Conference of The Assembly of God Churches meet for the sit-down, lovely, special dinner that had been prepared for them.

7 pm a service of the Sectional Conference, open to the public, was held in our Sanctuary.

WEDNESDAY: 7:30-9 am The Coweta Chamber of Commerce met in the ORC.

7 pm ALL the Wednesday night activities plus Pastor teaching in the Sanctuary. He is currently doing a L-O-N-G study through the entire Bible. We had a VERY SPECIAL time and special move of the Holy Spirit this night that was so powerful that our Pastor set aside the teaching and we just relished in what God was doing.

THURSDAY: The Coweta Ministerial Alliance meet at our Church at noon for their monthly meeting. Klothes Kloset opened from 10 am to 2 pm.

FRIDAY: The Girl Scouts had a "Mom & Me" sleepover beginning at 8 pm. They also brought food items for The Food Pantry and there were so many items brought that The King's Kitchen was also blessed with a supply of canned green beans and canned corn. God gives above and beyond!!

SATURDAY: 2 - 9 pm Special Olympics were held in the ORC.

6 pm was the launch of a new Saturday night service for Young Adults. Associate Pastor Stephen Lee will be preaching every Saturday night. They had 45 adults & 7 children at this first service, Our entire body is excited about this outreach to the Coweta Area and the un-churched young adults. Although the service is open to any age it will be geared to the young adult.

So, that is a sample of some of the multitude of activities and outreach to the Coweta community that our Body is involved in.

Mickey & I are so proud to be a part of this vibrant, active Body of Christ.

My next post will cover ALL the various activities with-in this body. This post was just getting too long :o)

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PEA said...

How wonderful that you and Mickey belong to such a lovely church where everyone is so involved with spreading the word of God and helping those in need. xoxo

Saija said...

what a good testimony for your church ... :o) a real blessing!

Momma Roar said...

What a wonderful use of resources!!! Not only the church buidling itself, but the many gifts and talents of the people!!!

Maxine said...

Oh my! That is indeed an active and vibrant assembly!Praying the Lord will bless these ministries all to the glory of His name. I can well understand why you love it so much.

Mountain Mama said...

Susan it's just wonderful that you feel so connected to your Church family. Obviously they are a wonderful group of people.
No wonder you and Mickey are so happy with them.

I hope you are getting a little spring like weather. We had several lovely days and I spent them outside in my gardens but the rain returned this morning and it is quite cool out again so I will be getting some inside chores caught up.

God bless you and yours!

Kathy said...

What a blessing to be a part of a thriving local body....a part of His beautiful Bride being made ready! Love it!!!!!

Brenda said...

That's neat that there is such a variety to meet the needs of all the people.