Thursday, February 25, 2010


Remember my post "God Knock's Our Socks Off". Well, God's done it again.... Knocked My Socks Off!! Last time it was about The King's Kitchen, this time it's totally different but oh so God.

I have had this blog for a little over 3 years, beginning it January 21,2007. Among the first blog friends I made was Ginger who lives in Michigan. My friendship with Ginger has grown and grown and she truly is a treasured blog friend of mine. We even had the privilege of meeting in "real" life in November, 2008.

Five weeks ago I get an e-mail from Ginger asking me if I know some one named Janiece. No, I do not. I have never even heard the name. Somehow ???? You know how it is in blogland you see a comment and click on it and then that leads to a blog and you see another comment and click on it, etc. etc..... Well, anyway "somehow" Janiece became a commenter on Ginger's blog, although Janiece does not have a blog.

Next, through seeing my blog, and my friend, Sandra's, blog , Janiece leaves this comment on Ginger's post:

Janiece said...
How unreal it is for me to find out that Sister Faith, Susan and me live 15 minutes from each other???
January 25, 2010 9:01 AM

Next Janiese sees my friend, Wantha Ann's, name on one of my posts and realizes she knows Wantha Ann from years ago.

By now I have made contact with Janiece on FB and we are e-mailing. Due to the bad weather and my busy, busy schedule we had difficulty setting a time we could meet but were anxious and determined to do so

Tuesday, February 23rd we met at McD's in Wagoner at 4 o'clock!!!

Meet Janiece.

Oh, my!!!! It was INSTANT connection and we both feel we've known each other for years!!!!!

We talked and talked. Well, you who know me well know I did most of the talking!! And we talked until 5:15 when Cindy came to pick me up for us to go to our Tuesday night Bible Study at Sandra's. We would have continued to talk for hours more. I tried, and I mean really, r-e-a-l-l-y tried to talk Janiece into going with us. It was too short a notice......but she will be joining us next Tuesday night. Then she'll get to meet Sandra and re-connect with Wantha Ann.

HOW GREAT IS OUR GOD!! YES, once again God's blown my sock's off and as the song goes, "If He did it once, He'll do it again". He does. I can't wait to see exactly what God is up to but both Janiece and I know He's up to something and we are both excited about it.


I can't wait to see what God's up to next in my life.

And people say, "It's boring to be a Christian?"

They do not know what they are talking about!!!!

Connecting 2 woman (Janiece & I) who live within 15 miles of each other through a woman (Ginger) who lives in Michigan who has never met her and only met me once.

What a mighty God we serve.

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~Ginger said...

I'm justing sitting here crying.

I KNEW this was going to be GOOD!

I am overwhelmed at our Father's love for us and at how He moves in ways that we could never plan or predict. He loves his children and wants only the best for all of us!

I am giving thanks for this gift of friendship!

Sharon said...

That was such a great story. Yes,God does have a way of knocking socks off.
I pray that you and Janice will have many more talks.

Kathy said...

I LOVE IT!!! What I love is how God "makes room" in our heart for the one He knows we're going to love so much...that next sister in the Lord we're sure to connect with....and our heart keeps expanding and expanding and the more it expands the more we're filled with His joy. I hear your joy overflowing in this post, and I am thrilled at the reunions to come.

Just Mom said...

That is so wonderful!

Oklahoma Granny said...

I'd call that a true "God thing".

Susan said...

Kathy, Yes, I'm always eager to see that next Sister in the Lord God is ready to bring into my life. I love your thoughts about how that expands us to receive even more. So like our MORE THAN ENOUGH GOD!!!

Shirley said...

That is so cool!

Kahri said...

What a wonderful story. I love stories about how "He'll do it again!" In fact, as soon as I saw your title, I got excited! Thanks for sharing!!

Janiece Day said...

I am so overwhelmed with love ---from Susan, from Ginger, from God.

Me? Little Miss MuchAfraid from Pilgrim's Progress? HE is doing this with me in mind?

Susan, what a blessing it was for me to spend that time with you. It was instant connection for me as well. I am so humbled by His attention!!! Your post just has me smiling, smiling, smiling.

Susan said...

Janiece - But we all know the end of the book. Much Afraid is turned into Grace & Glory!!!!!

Barbara said...

Great God appointments to be sure. Will wait and see what transpires.

Recently I found out that I had served tea to a blog connection at one of our conferences and at the time we did not know each other, nor that we lived within 4 miles of each other!!

retha said...


Mari said...

Isn't this amazing! I have a similar story in re-connecting with Ginger. She and I went to school from K-12 together. Imagine my surprise when I'm reading a blog she commented on, I click on the link and find it's "My Ginger!"
She lives about 20 minutes from me and we have gotten together several times. God is great!
PS - don't you think He has a big smile on his face, when He is putting people together like this?

Dawn said...

He is the God of surprises and delight!

Brenda said...

Amazing is all I can say! What a beautiful lady and I'm sure your friendship together will blossom. God's timing is perfect!

Oh Sew Good said...

What fun and when God does things like that you can't help but feel that He is right there with you, huh?

Sandra said...

I can't wait to meet Janiece too!!

Sohailah said...

WOW! I love that!