Wednesday, February 10, 2010


Monday evening, February 8th, 6 p.m. the cooks arrive~~~~

The main dish will be prepared the evening before because most of our cooks work full time jobs. Here are Kathy and Jane setting up and getting everything ready.

We have two kitchens in our church. This is the smaller one, the Parlor Kitchen, and will be used on Monday nights because there are various meetings in the ORC on Monday nights which make the big kitchen unavailable to us.

Stacy is at work at the stove starting to brown the hamburger. The two large pots are on the other stove, one for the spaghetti sauce and one for the spaghetti. Mickey has just returned (hence the coat still on-it's cold) from a trip to the ORC for another large can of tomato sauce.

Sherry arrives. Sherry is the key person in this operation and has just come in, with her 2 small children, after working all day, and then going to Wa*lm*art for the final items: fresh green & red leaf lettuce, and shredding carrots for the salads, fresh french bread for the garlic toasts, red grapes, etc. The subway boxes are her children's dinner!!! What dedication to serving.

Kathy, Stacy (who is our Senior High Pastor's wife and the mother of an infant daughter) Mickey & part of Sherry. The hamburger had been divided into the second skillet because there is so much.

This group prepared the spaghetti and spaghetti sauce, 25 small containers of ranch dressing & 25 of Italian (so the recipients can have their choice), the 2 lettuces cut and the carrots added for the salad, and the bread sliced, buttered and garlicked.

Tuesday morning, February 9th, 8 a.m.~~~

Mickey & I arrive and the preparations begin.

Cathi & Sherry are here to help. The salad's have already been boxed. The large sheet cake, supplied by the Young at Heart cooks, has been sliced and boxed.

Cathi has also brought small, individual Day Star Cards for each person. On the envelope she wrote "For Someone Special" and inside they were all signed "You are loved".

The spaghetti sauce (left pan) and the spaghetti with some sauce (right pan) which were prepared the night before are being reheated.

The red grapes have been divided in small, individual bags.

One of the two pans of garlic toast.

The cases are ready for loading by route.

The first delivery team, husband and wife Tim & Jeanne, with their folder with driving instructions, names & cases ready to roll.

Second delivery team, husband & wife, Jim & Nellie with Mickey discussing their route.

This is Mickey's brother, Jerry who came in last night from Tennessee getting in on the fun, as a spectator. Janice, putting on her coat and ready to leave after having helped fill and manually fill the hot 3 part dinner trays.

Sherry discussing with Andy his route.
The third route was delivered by Cathi (pictured above) and Joi and her young daughter, Brooke. We failed to get a picture of these as they left :o( You'll see them a lot in the future.

Andy, Stephen (our Associate Pastor), Dustin (the Junior High Pastor) and Mickey finalizing the last route. Andy & Dustin deliverd this route.

Just in case you think ALL I do is take the pictures......I'm a really good dish washer.

What a joyous, answer to prayer, planning, willing hearts & plain hard work today was as 24 meals were delivered to individual homes, a nursing home, and assisted living home.
The menu: Spaghetti with meat sauce, tossed salad with choice of dressing, garlic bread, carton of 2% milk, small bag of grapes, and slice of yellow cake with butter frosting.
Each 3 part servicing tray had a sticker "Do Not Microwave - Heat in Oven - 350 - 15 minutes" just in case they didn't want to eat it when delivered.
Also a sticker which read: King's Kitchen "Nevertheless He left not Himself without witness..filling our hearts with food and gladness." Acts 14:17 KJV
We plan on changing the Bible Verse every 2nd week.
It was truly a joyous time for the 15 of us who worked to make this meal a reality.

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Sandra said...

I so wish I lived closer to my church home so I could participate more in things like this.

You all are really organized and I think this will be something that flows easily the further you get into it. I know all those people that received a meal are thankful for the food and thankful that they are still remembered even though they are home bound.

Devoted said...

I am clapping my hands and praising the Lord as I finish reading your post. What a joy! I can hardly wait to hear stories about the people's reactions. May our God continue to bless this project with willing hearts and hands of love.

retha said...

Is Mickey stirring left handed?

Susan said...

Sandra - Oh me, too!!!!! I do hope you can participate in the up coming drama. It is going to be awesome!

Retha - I think he actually had another smaller spoon in his right hand breaking up the meat which was frozen. He is definitely right handed.

Mari said...

What a blessing you are helping to spread! I love the addition of the cards and the verses!

Anonymous said...

Wish we could be apart of this with you. We will be remembering you in prayer!

Tiffany said...

Praise the Lord!-He is so faithful when we are faithful! How wonderful!

Joy said...

What a great bunch of folks to work with. Looks like your having fun along with working. What a nice big kitchen to work together in. I know those meals will be a blessing.
♥ Joy

Oklahoma Granny said...

What blessings your group is bringing to the recipients and I know you're receiving many blessings in return.

Maxine said...

Great, Susan. I really like the touch of giving them the cards. This is one the best ministries ever. What a vision for you guys to have at this time in your life. You're blessing the people who are receiving the meal but you're blessing all of us as well.