Wednesday, February 10, 2010


The month of February started off with a "bang" for us. February 1, Monday, Mickey & I attended our first planning meeting at our Church. This is held 3 times a year and all the staff and department heads attend. Boy, we walked away after that 3 1/2 hour meeting, of setting the calandar for the 1st 6 months of the year, with our eyes opened even wider to the wide range of activities and involvement that our Coweta Assembly has going on ALL the time and how very much we are reaching out to the community.

We purchased all our paper goods products for the King's Kitchen. The supplier is in Jenks, about 30 miles from Coweta and does not deliver to Coweta, so Mickey and I drove over in our little HHR and had the back end (luckily our back seat folds down to create a hauling area) packed full.

This shows the entire end of the gym in the ORC building which is storage with 4 doors. We were given a portion of the area behind the door on the far right. Some other items had to be removed to clear it for the King's Kitchen.
The boxes of supplies stacked neatly and with easy accessibility to remove 25 of the very items needed each week.

3 of our 4 cases of 2 different sizes stacked and ready. The 4th set was in the church office on display.
In comes the first food purchases. Sherry is planning all the meals and doing all the shopping. Thank you Sherry!!!
The start of our area in the large walk in freezer.

Planning ahead for a future meal.


Then on Saturday the 6th we took this load in Mickey's pick-up,

This load in Deann's pick-up,

And this load in our HHR,
And moved these 3 loads from Tulsa to Owasso. The rest of Marc, Oksana, & Aric's things will be moved later ............

'cause these 2 are getting married on Feburary 12th!!!!! We are delighted and happy and, as you can see, so are they!!!!

Yes, busy, exciting and very happy times in our wonderful life.

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Sandra said...

You and Mickey are always on the go. So glad Mark found someone to share his life with.

Sharon said...

So happy for your son.Prayers for him and his new family.
You really are on the go and doing great work for the LORD.
Thanks for sharing the photos.

Oklahoma Granny said...

Exciting and busy times for you and yours.

Momma Roar said...

Such wonderful news to share!!

Feb 12 - that's in two days! Glad they aren't getting married in PA! They might need to postpone it ;-)

~Ginger said...

So thrilled for Marc. May this be the beginning of a wonderful life for him and his new bride!

retha said...

Looking forward to see the celebrations.
Jason says congratulations on your son's wedding.

PEA said...

Sounds like you all have everything very well planned for the King's Kitchen:-) Thank God for people like you and Mickey and all the others who help out to make sure those in need are not forgotten. Congratulations to the happy couple as well!! A wedding to look forward to in a couple of days, how exciting:-) xoxo

Mari said...

I'm impressed by the set up. I can see you have everything very organized! Nice picture of Mark and his fiancee!

Maxine said...

A wonderful life it is indeed. And when we are doing for others, we are at our happiest. Everything is all set to go down there! God bless you guys as you minister in His name.

And best wishes to the soon to be married couple. They look quite happy.

Great pictures. I enjoyed them a lot.

Mountain Mama said...

The King's Kitchen is coming along nicely I see. Isn't it just so sweet how the Lord brings things all together when we put Him in the middle of it all?
You and Mickey be blessed for letting the Lord use you in such beautiful ways.
I pray it all continues to go well.
God bless!

Brenda said...

Wow, that's the day after tomorrow? (or is it tomorrow for you, since its 11 pm here)?
Are they having a ceremony?
I'm excited to hear how the King's Kitchen is coming along!

GoodPlans said...

Exciting news on the ministry and exciting day today with the wedding. Congrats on both!