Tuesday, February 2, 2010


Last month I posted 6 goals for the year.

Now it's check-up time to see how I'm doing and if I'm on track!!

Goal 1. To begin the new year with a 21 day fast. Total fast (water only) for the first 4 days and then switch to fasting 2 meals a day.

I did 3 2/3 days of total fast. I did eat just 1 meal a day for days 5 through 15 - broke it on day 16th - fasted on day 17 and then stopped it for days 18 & 19 because our Pastor called for a Church wide fast for 32 days beginning January 20th. On day 20 through 31 we have been doing the Daniel Fast, which means no meat or sweets. We still have 9 more days to go.

But we are doing a total fast (water only) for February 1, 2 & 3rd. Then will continue the Daniel Fast for days 4-9.

Goal 2 - Was to do a one day fast for the remaining weeks of the year.

This will be met today for the first week of February.

Goal 3 - To lose weight!!! My goal is 150 lbs and that will be a weight loss of 32 lbs.

My weight loss for the month of January was 13 lbs. With a fast that's a given!!! I still have 19 lbs to go.

Goal 4. For the month of January to not spend any money on groceries except for bread, milk and fresh fruits & vegetables and to rely on the Storehouse of foods we have put back on both our shelves and in the freezer.

This goal was easy to accomplish but I was surprised that I still spent $99.75!!!! Fresh fruits and vegetables are expensive and whole wheat bread is higher. Seems the food industry does not encourage better eating!!

Goal 5. To make an extra payment or two on the principal on our house mortgage.

Not able to do that this month :o)

Goal 6. My main goal for 2010 is to hear God's voice and be lead by His Spirit about each and every area of my life and then be obedient to do what He shows me.

I feel I was on track for January on this one. With the 3 2/3 total fast (except water) God gave me 4 very special dreams!!! We have moved step by step in The King's Kitchen ministry He placed on Mickey's heart. I took some major steps in improving and cleaning out the Hearts in "1" Accord Prayer Blog and am delighted with what God is doing within this group of pray-ers.

This is a good time to "plug" the Hearts Prayer Blog!!!!! If any of you are interested in joining the 16 of us who pledge to pray at least 15 minutes a day and participate in this private blog forum, please let me know in a comment and I will send you additional information.

How are you doing so far on your goals for 2010?

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Tina said...

Well Susan, remember the quote I put on Facebook about aiming at nothing and hitting it? That is me! I have not aimed at anything.... YET! I think the reason for this is that I always seem to fail at whatever I resolve to do and it is too discouraging.

I love reading about what God is doing in your life and heart. Praying you reach every goal, but most importantly the one about listening, being led, and being obedient!! Love you, my friend!! xoxoxo

Sandra said...

You're way ahead of me on goals. I did get a baby blanket completed and now have just a little more to do on taxes. I didn't wait until the last minute this year.

PEA said...

It's always such a wonderful feeling to know that you have reached some of your goals. Good for you:-) xoxo

Devoted said...

Well done, Susan! I am steadily working toward my goals for 2010. If I can just get past March 6 with my heart in tact...I will be doing good! I am so very thankful for God placing you and the Hearts blog in my life. More thankful than you can know. Praying you reach all your God-lead goals. :-D

Anonymous said...

My goals have been to find contentment in knowing God is enough. I have found I'm under more attack than ever and feeling extremely lonely and fighting it daily. I'm also working to take off the weight. I've lost 6 lbs in a couple of weeks, but of course the enemy is working overtime in both of these areas.

I will press on!

Sharon said...

I am so happy that you are doing so well on your goals.
I pray that you will continue to meet them.
I am not doing so good on mine.
I keep praying that GOD will continue his work on ME.
Thanks for sharing.

Sohailah said...

Wow - what great goals and how amazing you're doing at walking them out. I'm impressed.

God is good.

michelle said...

Good for you. I'm working on "so that I might not lose sight of Him and keep in step not missing a beat" It is a tough one but am doing some tangible exercises (like fasting) that are helping.

Brenda said...

Looks like you've done well with your goals.
I was over at the prayer blog this evening and was excited to see the input. And excited to see that Sandra is a part of it now!
I'm happy to say that I've lost 6 lbs. I'm on a roll now (getting rid of my rolls!)

Crystal said...

You are having an amazing year already! God is so good :)) And your post about The King's Kitchen is so inspiring - what a great ministry you are doing with this project. You are right - God has plans more wonderful than we can ever imagine! Happy February to you!!

Kahri said...

Great job, Susan. God has wonderful plans for you and Mickey this year!! You are such a ready listener and follower! What a blessing to hear how you are reaching your goals. Thank you for sharing!