Monday, February 8, 2010


A blog friend of mine posted a book review the other day about "Get Motivated!" by Tamara Lowe. Part of the review included a place to take a test to type your personality.

This particular test identifies patterns of human behavior and personality qualities that have been broken down into six categories. Each person fits three of the six categories. I just love doing these type tests so I took it and came out a PVI - A Visionary.

Here are my type results:
Susan’s Motivational DNA Type is PVI
(Production-Variety-Internal) The Visionary
Visionaries are persistent, energetic and confident. They are able to organize people and projects. Visionaries exhibit strong leadership potential and react quickly to crisis. Creative thinkers, Visionaries have the ability to craft a vision and get others excited about it. They enjoy working on multiple projects at the same time and like to be involved in exploring alternative concepts. Farsighted and imaginative, Visionaries are good at finding original solutions to difficult problems. Visionaries enjoy change and thrive under pressure. They have the ability to shift gears and turn on a dime. They are confident in their ability to master new skills. Visionaries enjoy challenge and desire personal growth. Visionaries want to know that their work matters and desire to “go where no man has gone before.”

PVI Motivators: Inspiring work environment, opportunity to originate and initiate ideas, peer respect, credit for work accomplished and a strong sense of mission.

PVI De-Motivators: Rigid structure, routine, delays, time-consuming details and bureaucracy.

Here is the link if you enjoy taking these type tests. If you take it I'd love to hear your type & results.

It's so amazing that God has made each of us different and with our own special strengths and weaknesses. It's all part of His Plan to have every part of His Body operating as it should. What a wonderful God!!!!

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Bobbi said...

Wow!!! I'm the first to comment! :D I, too, was a visionary. lol...big shock I'm sure!
Hope you have a great day in the LORD, Susan!

Joy said...

That was fun and fairly accurate I would say. It said I was the Supporter. Which is quite the case. So you have the Vision my friend and I'll support you. :)

♥ Joy

~Ginger said...

Totally accurate for me, a supporter!

weavermom said...

I'm a supporter too, and I thought the profile was so true,especially the motivators and demotivators. :)

Sandra said...

I think it described you to the T.

It said I was a director.

Brenda said...

That was good. I went over and took the test. I'm a CSI "The Supporter". Fit me to a tee!

Momma Roar said...

I'm a relater. I guess that isn't too surprising!

I love doing these quizzes and to see how we are each made differently to handle different tasks!

Becky said...

That was interesting. Here's me:

CSI ... apparently I'm a Supporter. And I think their description fit me perfectly. Amazing what you can learn about yourself.

Maxine said...

I'm a supporter and that is so true. I enjoyed doing that, though for some of them I wasn't sure what to say.

GoodPlans said...

Susan, thank you for the linkback to my post! It was fun to read the results from your test, and look how many supporter friends you have!!! I guess I need more of those, cause you are the only one who commented on my post! LOL Blessings.

Susan said...

Yes, Tammy, one of the many blessings the Lord gives me are wonderful people around me. Which includes you!!!!!

Kahri said...

I came up with The Director. Very interesting!! thanks for sharing!