Tuesday, March 2, 2010


The King's Kitchen is in full swing and it has been a wonderful, exciting and fulfilling start as we finish up our 4th week. The fact so many people have volunteered to be those helping hands is the biggest joy and blessing of all.

We have 4 groups of cooks. Each group consists of 3 people and they are assigned one week of the month to cook. Since most of our cooks hold down full time jobs we have 3 groups that prepare the main dish on Monday evenings. The 1st week group chooses to cook at 5 p.m, the 2nd week group cooks come at 6 p.m. and the 3rd week group comes at 7 p.m. The 4th group cook on Tuesday morning. Mickey & I show up at the assigned times each week on both Monday & Tuesday.

This group is assigned week 1 each month, but since we didn't serve our first meal until the 2nd week of February last night was their first week of cooking duty.

5 p.m. they have arrived and get right to work .

Kelli busy making meatloaf.

Frankie peeling potato's & Athena cutting them and placing in the cooking pot. Both of these girls fussed at me about their hair do's and me taking pictures but hey, we came to work, not look pretty. Work they did and pretty to the core they are!!!

Frankie, Athena, Jamie & Kelli. Jamie is one of our Bridge Builder kids and she came to help and put all the biscuits on the baking sheets for us. See the pans of individual meat loafs ready to go into the walk in frig to be cooked and served the next day.

These gals had the best time and were fast. They were completely finished, including clean-up by 6 p.m. They decided they needed a name for their team and choose the name: Mickey's Angels!!!!

Robbin, from Young At Heart, brought 5, yes 5!!!, pies she made. Chocolate, Coconut Cream & Banana Cream. This is the banana. I failed to get pictures of the other two or of Robbin :o(

~Tuesday morning~

Sherry, Mickey & I arrive at 9 a.m.

This is Sherry and she is the main stay of this operation. She is here every Tuesday and some Monday nights. She does ALL the menu planning and all the shopping. Sherry is a gift from heaven to The King's Kitchen.

Here's the other main stay - Mickey placing the boxes containing the slice of pie in sacks that also hold the 1% milk this week.

The completed meal for this week: Individual meat loaves, mashed potato, & cooked carrots. Also, a hot biscuit and butter, a slice of pie and 1% milk carton. The aroma of this meatloaf cooking was bringing people into the kitchen saying, "What smells so good?"

I select a bible verse that we attach to the entree box lid. I change the verse every other week. Misty, the church secretary makes the labels for us.

~Around 11 p.m. Tuesday~
The delivery crews begin arriving....

Mickey showing off for Jimmy, Nellie (husband and wife team) & Tom (our newest delivery helper).

Andy, Tom & Associate Pastor Stephen ready for their route.

Cathi & Joi. These two gals do double duty. Cathi comes at 10 each Tuesday to help Sherry, Mickey & I with the cooking and final assembly. Cathi & Joi are one of the delivery teams and Joi helps cook on the 4th Tuesday each week.
Jeanne & Tim, another husband & wife delivery team.

Thanks to the Lord for HIS help each week in putting it all together, but thanks to ALL these who are such great and willing helpers. We prepared and delivered to 29 people this week.

In addition to the meals this week we had birthday cards for two of the recipients who had birthdays. One man turned 90 and one woman didn't give us her birth year :o)

Hats off to everyone who is making the King's Kitchen a huge success.

Article that appeared in our Coweta American paper on February 17, 2010

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Sweet Nothings said...

Yeah!!! I am so greatful to be one of "Mickey's (sp) Angels." All the glory to God, who has made us one and of good use for His kingdom!

Sweet Nothings said...

So greatful to be one of "Mickey's angels." All the glory to God who has made us one and used us for His purposes!

Kansas Bob said...

How cool is this! You all rock!

Mari said...

You've got a great ministry and a great group of volunteers! I know that they will be blessed in doing this.

Brenda said...

That is so neat to see the organization and how it all comes together. The recipients are really blessed with this ministry the Lord laid on your hearts.
I saw an oatmeal box. Looks like you might use the same meatloaf recipe I use and grew up eating.

Nancy said...

What a great ministry, your not only feeding mouths but souls as well. Blessings on you and all who serve our Lord so faithfully

Sandra said...

I love the title 'Mickey's Angels". We have so many people in our church that are such a blessing.

Mountain Mama said...

What a wonderful bunch of helpers! This is such a beautiful thing you are doing. I'm sure the receipients are very thankful for you all.
Good job.

Kathy said...

What a fabulous ministry. And your documentation is, as usual, out of this world! : ) Wow....retirement? What's that!!!! You all are incredible!

Maxine said...

This ministry is so fantastic! Love those photos and that food looks wonderful!! Actually, my mouth started watering when I saw it. You have great people with a heart for ministry. God bless all of you as you bless others.

Barbara said...

Congratulations. I enlarged each picture to see everyone working.