Friday, March 12, 2010



I work: Not for pay but doing those things I love and have been given the ability to do in His name.

I think: ALL the time and truly try and keep my thoughts fixed on HIM.

I smell: The pretty perfumes on woman at church when I hug them and my scented candles.

I listen: Very closely to not only what people say, but what they are NOT saying.

I hide: Very little, I am an open book.

I walk: Not nearly enough!!!!

I write: Because I love to and cannot imagine not writing!!

I see: Poorly in the natural but very well in the Spiritual and truth.

I sing: Any time I hear a hymn or song.

I can: Do all things through Christ who strengthens me!!!!!!!

I watch: Some FOX TV, the local news, Deal or no deal, and Perry Stone dvd's.

I daydream: No, I do not daydream. I never have, even as a kid. To me REAL life is too exciting and wonderful to waste.

I fall: For very little!

I want: Exactly the life I have except I want to see all my children and grandchildren in church
and loving and serving HIM.

I cry: Almost every morning when praying.

I love: My life, my Lord, my husband, my family, my friends, my church and my country.

I read: Christian books constantly. See my list for this year on my sidebar.

I fear: Not being all that God intends me to be and falling short of the mark of His high calling.

I hope: To hear the trump of God during my life time!!!!!

I eat: Too many sweets!!!

I drink: Too much coffee.

I play: Don't any more. Use to play the piano.

I miss: Traveling the US & Canada like we were privileged to do.

I forgive: Everyone - because if I don't He won't. The Bible is CLEAR on this one and I don't think people take this truth seriously enough.

I drive: a Sunburst Orange HHR Chevy & do most of the driving.

I lost: More nice earrings and jewelry items than I like to think about :o(

I dream: A LOT. Especially beginning with my fasting in January. I asked the Lord to start giving me dreams and He has. He gives us the desires of our heart.

I kiss: my husband; my kids & grandkids.

I hug: ALL those close to me: family, friends, church members, neighbors,

I have: Every thing I need.

I remember: All the good Biblical teachers and preachers we've been blessed to hear and sit under and learn from.

I believe: Jesus is the Son of God and He's coming soon and He is the rewarder of those who love and serve Him. I believe I have eternal life, and it doesn't begin when I die but it began when I was Born Again.

I owe: On my HHR & 1 year & 6 months left on our house!!!!!

I know: In Whom I have believed - JESUS!!!!

I hate: Drugs & alcohol and what they do to people's lives and souls. I dislike liars.

I wish: See I hope above: To See Christ Return During My Lifetime.

My ex: Is like something that never really happened in my life.

I should: Do better on trying to lose some more weight.

People would say that I'm: Over extended in the many things we do, but we know we are doing exactly what God has, and is, calling us to do.

I don't understand: Why anyone would not believe in Jesus and His finished work of redemption and salvation.

Life if full of: What we decide it will be for us. If we expect bad - we'll get it. If we expect good - we'll get it. I expect and receive a good, full life of joy, good health, and good things.

My past is: What it is and has made me who I am today.

I get annoyed when: don't keep their word and those who are habitually late.

Parties are: fun!!!!

Never in my life have I: been drunk.

I am usually thinking about: What God is showing and speaking to my heart.

When I was younger, I: was not too much different than I am today.

When I was 7: I was in the third grade and had met my forever friend, Joan, the year before and we are still friends, really more like sisters, these 65 years later.

My life is incomplete without: my family loving the Lord.

If you visit my hometown: you will be in the 2nd oldest city in the U.S.

I once dreamt that: something I didn't want to be true was true. But I knew it was true when I dreamt it. It was something the Lord showed me ahead of time.

The world could do without: Everything that is not of God and Godly.

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Just Mom said...

I love: Philippians 4:13 too.

Oh! And this meme. :-D

Oklahoma Granny said...

Where is your hometown?

Anonymous said...

Enjoyed this Susan.

I know when I met you I could tell you were a good listener and that you were taking everything in, even unspoken words.

You are one in a gazillion!

Kathy said...

Susan, you make life fun. I love the open-book part of you, that you would share this with us, and we could enjoy in print so much of what we already sense about you, especially those of us who don't know you personally. I relate to the over-extended part, as far as how others see you, but the key is as you said, doing what you know the Lord has said to do. Third, I would love to be an eye witness to you driving your Burnt Orange HHR around town! : ) Much love!

Sharon said...

I enjoyed reading your list and I can relate to many of them.
Thank you for sharing them.
Have a blessed weekend.

Bobbi said...

I love you and thank you for being just who GOD created you to be!
Blessings my friend!

Maxine said...

I see a contented, God-trusting, loving woman in this! Lots of fun to read, as usual.

Brenda said...

Are you talking about Albuquerque or Santa Fe (can't remember which now)? That's where you grew up isn't it? Or am I totally off the mark?
If so, I didn't know it was the 2nd oldest town. Interesting!
All of your answers were great. I enjoy you openness.

Susan Skitt said...

Oh what a lovely, honest, open, list. Loved reading more about you Susan. Your life is truly blessed and your concern for your family to live and love the Lord is an encouragement!

Devoted said...

I am so glad you are back. I really missed you!!!

Barbara said...

Another list depicting your life Susan. All the amswers as I expected.