Saturday, May 22, 2010

1st HONEY HARVEST - 2010

Have you ever noticed it seems like you have either nothing to post about or so very much that you can't seem to get it all done? Well, I'm in the trying to get it done mode at the moment. Which in short means life around our place is very busy and with this post I'm happy to say productive.

Here is Mickey, out in the garage, with his honey extractor. This picture shows him scraping off (or decapping) the comb from one of the honey frames which will be placed in the extractor. Then he works hard manually cranking the extrator and that spins the honey from the frame. You can see the spout with the bucket under it to the left. The honey comes out of that and through a large sieve, which you cannot see, in the top of the bucket. The results below is pure, rich honey.

The bottled production. We got 18 pints and 4 -1/2 pints from this first extraction.

Here's my "honey" as he looks over the jars of honey we have just filled from this first production for this year.

The luscious bottled and capped pure honey from Mickey's bees - who he calls "his girls"!!!! Yes, it's as delicious as it looks.

These results are pure satisfaction!!!!




Mari said...

Very productive! Looking at Mickey's honey production always reminds me of my Dad and Grandpa and their honey bees.

retha said...

Oh, I can smell the honey being extracted.
Congratulations with the harvest!

Oklahoma Granny said...

What an interesting process with yummy results.

Sandra said...

What an art!!! Has he ever thought about having the royal rangers over to teach this to them?

I would love to learn how to do this myself.

Sioux said...

Yummy, and local honey, so good for allergies!!!

Kathy said...

That honey looks perfectly "dreamy!" : ) My children would love to see that in person: the extraction process, that is. Wow. God's amazing creation. Perfect in every way.

Shirley said...

Very cool! That seems like a lot of honey - love that Mickey calls the bees "his girls" - how cute is that?

Anonymous said...

Your previous post was so touching. Yes, we need to look closely and love with all we have to those around us.

As for the honey, I've tasted it and it's wonderful! Mmmm, what a treat! Nothing sweeter than Mickey's harvest!

Mountain Mama said...

I didn't know you had bee hives. I had some several years ago. Now I get my honey from a bee keeper across town.
Your Mickey does a good job. I know it's hard, sticky work. All the jars of golden nectar look so beautiful!!

Mary@notbefore7 said...

YUM! I just made some Brie cheese tonight - melted in the oven with honey and roasted almonds. Would have loved some of that fresh honey :)