Monday, May 24, 2010

FIRST FRUITs & other happenings

Mickey's 3 raised garden boxes are starting to come up and beginning to produce those lovely, fresh, wholesome veggies.

Here are the very first fruits: Top - Bucket of 2 types lettuce plus spinach. Middle - a slim pickings of strawberries, but enough for us to have them for dessert for two evenings. Bottom - yummy, fresh radishes.

We will be eating well from these beds all summer and enjoying every bite, but there is something special about the First Fruits.

Speaking of First Fruits - my oldest daughter, Suzette, and her husband, Dave, were in Key West, FL on vacation Mothers Day so this past Saturday Suzette treated me to my Mothers Day present. And was it ever a treat!!! First a pedicure & manicure, then lunch of delicious pizza at a favorite spot and then a trip to the mall. What a grand time we had. I love spending time with my family and we do a lot of that but a one-on-one is nice once in awhile, too. Thank you so much, honey. (sorry no pictures taken!!) A really wonderful part of today was getting to buy the pair of navy capri's I bought in a smaller size!!!!! YEAH!!!!

Mickey's only living sibling, his younger brother, Jerry, came through Coweta on his way back home to Nashville from Colorado on Saturday. We took him to dinner, at the wonderful Mexican restaurant where the kids had taken me Mothers Day, on Saturday night. Then he attended Church with us and we had 2nd daughter, Jacque, and Benny, over to share the roast beef, carrots, onions, potatoes and huge fresh salad made from the 2 lettuces and spinach and radishes from the garden. Had to buy cucumber and tomatoes from the store and added olives and feta cheese. All of it was YUMMY!!!!! Jerry left early this morning. He'd been in Colorado for the past 4 months and was eager to get home.

Now, I'm off to make some of those yummy pumpkin muffins with chocolate chips. Ooops, this doesn't help much in trying to go down yet another size on my next capri purchase......does it?

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Kathy said...

Susan, the garden looks FABULOUS! Oh yes, a wee-bit of almost jealousy.....but more than anything, pure admiration and gladness that you're getting to enjoy God's beautiful plan for growing!

retha said...

How beautiful your garden looks! I know the beauty equals the hard work.
Congratulations on nearing your goal, ma'am.

Mari said...

Your garden looks wonderful! I can't believe how everything is growing. Most people here are just starting to get their things planted.
Congrats on going down a size!

Dawn said...

The garden looks so pretty. The honey below looks delicious - wish I could have some more!

We have some strawberry blossoms, and hope that we actually get to eat the berries before the birds get to them.

Nope - pumpkin muffins with chocolate chips don't help in the weight department - they are so addictive to me that I don't dare make them! I can smell and taste them right now!

Joy said...

His garden looks so good. Love seeing your first fruits. I should try growing strawberries.
Glad you had a great time shopping with your daughter and seeing Mickey's brother.
Congrats on the new size.
♥ Joy

Sunny said...

Nice garden pictures! I'd like to get our garden into raised beds as well. How nice for your daughter's MDP to you. I enjoyed a massage from my daughter while in PA, as well as other treats. Daughters are wonderful, aren't they?

Mary Lee said...

Beautiful garden!!!

Devoted said...

Congrats on the "one size less" I love the garden. This is exactly what Jimmy and I want to do. Of course, we will build ours in the heat of the summer for next year. (AFTER plant season is over LOL) So good to hear of your wonderful day! God bless you as you continue to bless others.