Monday, May 10, 2010


This Mother's Day began with a wonderful study in Small Group about references in The WORD about times when God moves "Suddenly." Then in church service, Jeanne, who is one of our husband & wife teams for King's Kitchen, did a wonderful one person skit as Sadie Mae, a Minnie Pearl type character, that was just outstanding!!! Jeanne you work!!! Then our Pastor's wife, Paula, gave a teached on "A Remarkable Woman", about the Shulimite woman. Such a wonderful morning in The Lord's House with our Church family.
My children are wonderful and never cease to show their love for me in many, many ways. Mothers Day is certainly no exception.
Mine actually began on Saturday with not one, but two, phone calls from #1 son, David, in California. He, also, sent me a very generous check for Mother's Day.
This year, #1 daughter and son-in-love, Suzette & Dave, were absent as they flew off for their annual Florida trip with friends on Saturday. I had already received a very sweet card from Suzette with a manicure/pedicure and lunch date when she returns. Such fun to extend the joy!!
#1 granddaughter, Jessica, was also absent this year as she was doing a "girl's cruise" with 3 of her girl friends to the Brahmans.
Since it was so few of us actually "present" this year, #2 daughter, Jacque, who usually hosts Mother's Day, asked if I'd like her to prepare our meal or take us out to dinner instead. We opted for the dinner out. Easier and more fun for her.
Here I am, after church, and just prior to meeting the family at Abuelo's at 1:30. Abuelo's is one of my favorite Mexican eateries and Marc suggested they take me there.
My family knows how much I love cards and here are the 5 I received (left to right) from Jacque, Marc, Suzette, Aric & Oksana.

This wall plaque from Marc so expresses my thoughts on life and my love of words: Live Simply. Love Generously. Care Deeply. Speak Kindly.....and leave the rest to GOD. This plaque will be hung on our "family picture wall" in the entry hall.

Jacque gave me this lovely ring shaped like a flower with a clear center, and green pedals. I'll have to get a better picture of just the ring later. It is lovely!!!!

Granddaughter Oksana made me this 2 string key chain.

Three generations: Grandmother Susan, granddaughter Oksana (niece to Jacque) , & daughter Jacque.

Our newly weds: #2 son, Marc, and new daughter-in-love, Deann.

Benny & Grandson Aric.

A special surprise was these lovely T-shirts presented to all three of us mothers: Deann, Jacque & I, along with 2 gift certificates apiece for buy one get one free items, one from May 10-June 6, and one from June 7-July 4th. These items were gifts from Abuelo's. What a special, nice surprise and treat.
Deann had to leave early to go pick-up her three sons from their dads. Marc, Oksana & Aric came over to the house and Marc worked some more on my computer, and computer issues!!! Are these EVER going to end?!!!!
We went to Sunday evening services put on by the Woman's Ministry that were totally awesome. These gals all did such a great job.
I ended this great Mother's Day with a third phone call from #1 son, Dave. I think he was missing his mother this mother's day. How sweet is that?!!!! Well, he was missing his entire family. Wish you could have been here, David.

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Mari said...

What a wonderful Mother's Day you had. It's not surprising that they love and respect their Mom!

Just Mom said...

Oh my gosh, Susan! You look so young in those photos! (Not that you looked old before, of course. :-D )

What a great weekend.

Frazzled Farm Wife said...

You are so blessed! What a wonderful way to spend Mother's Day!

Sandra said...

You are a Holy Ghost filled partier. You have a party everywhere you go everyday of the week.

Susan not only looks young, she acts young.

Bobbi said...

I absolutely LOVE coming over to your blog and reading your posts. I always love to read the admiration you have for your family and friends. I love the way JESUS just flows through your words!
I wish you were my adopted momma! :D

Sharon said...

What a wonderful mother's day you had.
I enjoy reading your posts and how you always put in some inspirational words of wisdom.
Thanks and God bless you.

Kahri said...

My friend went to Abuelo's and got a T-shirt too!! What a neat surprise! I am glad you had such a blessed Mother's Day!!! Love you!!

Oklahoma Granny said...

What a lovely day you had! I've always wanted to try Abuelo's but we just never seem to get around to it. Maybe next time we're in Tulsa we'll just have to make the time.

I hope all the severe weather missed you yesterday.

Sohailah said...

What a delightful day for a delightful woman!

I'm ready for God to move "Suddenly" in my life, that's for sure!

retha said...

What a good day you had, ma'am.

Interesting that all the number ones had to be absent.

Brenda said...

You always have some wonderful get togethers! I enjoy reading about them. Glad you had a great Mom's Day. You deserve every ounce of respect and honor you receive!


I am so happy you had such a great Mother's Day with your family. Those kind of days are so special to us.

I loved the picture of you,Susan. You look just beautiful and so full of happiness and joy. Have a great day today. connie

~Ginger said...

Sounds like you had an amazing day! I went with Lindsey and Alicia for pedicures and had a blast! Loved having two of my girls home this year!

Maxine said...

Sounds absolutely wonderful. I particularly like that picture of you standing there by yourself. You look great, Susan! Glad it was such a blessed day. How wonderful to be loved.

Dawn said...

My Mother's Day was spent with my mom, my daughter, my DIL, and my extended Cambodian family. Such fun! Come on over and read all about it!

Debra said...

Like Maxine I think that is a great picture of you standing there!

It is so evident how much your family loves and cares for you. That is such a blessing!

Hope you have a wonderful weekend Susan.

Barbara said...

See you had a great Mothers Day Susan. Ours is celebrated late March.

Glad to see you are getting on well with the garden and your shawls are lovely.