Friday, May 7, 2010

SHOW & TELL #2 - Grandfather Clock

This is my 2nd time to participate in Show & Tell Friday this year. Hard to believe it is already May 7th!!! My Romantic Home hosts this fun event. I hope you will go there and see all the other wonderful items that others have chosen to Show & Tell today.

This grandfather clock was given to me by my sweet husband as a Mother's Day gift 33 years ago in 1977.
Although it had set in our entry hall here in Coweta since reestablishing ourselves here in 2005, after our travels around these great United States & Canada, the chiming mechanism was not working.

About 6 weeks ago Mickey took it in to the clock repair "hospital" and so on this Mother's Day, 2010, this beloved clock is now residing in the corner of our living room and chiming out it's beautiful sound every quarter hour and then marking each hour of the day. Nothing like the beautiful sound of chimes and bells.

Thank you honey for this lovely Mothers' Day Gift 2010.
What a wonderful heirloom to someday pass on to our family. Just like our marriage of 51+ years, this clock has weathered the moves, the changes, the adjustments, the good and the bad and is alive and well and still making beautiful music. May it ever be so. I love you!!!!!

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Mari said...

It's beautiful, and like you said, it's a wonderful heirloom.

Cindy said...

How sweet, to have your clock fixed for Mother's Day. It is a beautiful Grandfather Clock, I would love to have one, one day. There is nothing more beautiful than the chimes, marking the time as the day quickly passes. I live in Winnipeg, have you been here before? I see you have lived in the USA as well as Canada.

retha said...

Yes, a beautiful work.

Joy said...

That Mickey. He's the best. I'm glad its chiming for you again. My parents have almost the identical clock. Probably purchased about the time yours was. I remember one time a cousin was visiting from out of state. He slept on the couch. the next morning he told us everytime that clock chimed he would think...ok I've got 15 minutes to get to sleep. We just were so used to it.
It's lovely in your home.

♥ Joy

Sandra said...

Clocks, especially Grandfather clocks, make such a homey feeling.

Crystal said...

That's a very lovely gift! How nice to have it fixed and working again. I read your post about the air show - how disappointing to have problems getting there. Perhaps they need to consider a shuttle system. I've been to several events where you park 5 - 10 miles away and then are bussed back and forth. It works like a charm :) And I'm so happy to see the King's Kitchen project turning out to be such a blessing. Our community would benefit from something like that, I think. Happy Mother's Day!!

Kahri said...

I love that it is now working again for Mother's Day!! What a wonderful present!!