Wednesday, May 5, 2010


The King's Kitchen made the front page of our local paper last week. The reporter had come out on Tuesday, a couple of weeks ago, to do a report on us.

Sherry & I dishing up the main course into the 3 compartment tray.

Mickey ready to seal the completely filled tray. Those are boxes of salad that accompanied the meal, along with milk, garlic toast and pie.

The best part of this article: we received a telephone call from a woman in our community who is going to begin volunteering as a cook beginning June 1st. She is a school teacher and wants to help during the summer. The really exciting part is she belongs to another church!!!!! This has been Mickey's vision for The King's Kitchen from the beginning....not only to serve those in our community but an outreach the community itself participates in. For The Body of Christ to work together and function as it was intended to do.

We delivered our first meal to 25 people on February 9th. We delivered our 13th meal yesterday to 33 people and last week to 37. Along with the meal, we presented a long stem pink carnation to each of the 23 woman for Mother's Day.
Meet our newest Delivery Team - Mary & Loretta. (Mickey & Sherry at the stove in the background.) They are just getting ready to head out on their deliveries. We put out an appeal 2 weeks ago for someone to help us that Tuesday and Mary & Loretta answered the call. Thankfully, they have agreed to take this route on a permanent basis and we are so delighted and happy to welcome them to our teams of volunteers. Thank you Jesus!

Thank you Lord for blessing this ministry

We also bought a pink carnation for each of our female volunteers to thank them for all their help. Here are Joi & Janice just as they are to leave & head home after another day of delivering to their route. Janice stepped in today for Cathie who is Joi's regular partner.

May The King's Kitchen be ALL that YOU intend it to be is our constant prayer.

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Sharon said...

Congrats to your community for doing GOD's work. I wish I lived closer I would love to help deliver.
GOD bless you and your whole staff of volunteers.
Have a great day.

Oklahoma Granny said...

It's so nice when you read GOOD news in the paper. I've long thought if more good news was printed it would be much better for the community the newspaper serves.

God is truly blessing a wonderful ministry.

Sunny said...

Susan, This just keeps getting better n' better!! How exciting! Can't out-do God. When He's in it, He's in it with both feet , so to speak!

Oh Sew Good said...

What a precious thing you are doing. May the Lord bless you abundantly. :)

retha said...

The flower, such a good thought.

Maxine said...

So exciting that you got written up in the paper! Love it that folks can see the love of Christ in action. It is so wonderful to see the Lord blessing this vision that you and Mickey had and seeing it become a reality. Keep pressing on.

Mari said...

I think it's wonderful that your ministry got an article - what good news to read. And even better that you got a new volunteer!

Kathy said...

To God be the glory, great things He has done! Oh what a wonderful report!!! I am thrilled that your local paper gave a very public opportunity for Jesus to be lifted high. Blessings to you and the team!

Joy said...

Great to see that positive press. Something good in the newspaper. :)

Glad more volunteers are joining you. You are right. The body of Christ can work together and when we do so much more is accomplished.

♥ Joy

Kahri said...

It is wonderful to see how this ministry is growing and thriving! What a blessing it is to those in need!!

Midlife Mom said...

What a WONDERFUL ministry! You two have worked very hard to get this up and running! God bless you!!

~Ginger said...

So amazing and such a blessing to so many! Keep up the great work and the vision that is yours!!!

Sandra said...

I didn't know it was in the paper last week. Do you happen to have an extra copy??