Wednesday, August 11, 2010


Do you ever feel like your life is spinning - spinning out of control? This is kind of what our life seems to be this summer. There just have not been enough hours to get everything done that needs to be done....or that we WANT to get done.
As you know, our family is BIG on celebrating birthdays with our big family dinners but due to every one's schedules this was not possible for these two.
First, Deann celebrated her first birthday, since becoming our wonderful new daughter-in-love on July 24th. Marc took her and their 5 children out for a special dinner that night at a Japanese restaurant they all love for the special occasion.
Mickey & I dropped over to their home that Saturday morning with our little gift bag of things and a loaf of my homemade Hawaiian Banana bread. Here she is seriously looking over a little daily Scripture motivation book we gave her. Then they drove us around to see some of the neighborhoods and homes they are looking at to purchase when Marc's Tulsa home sells. It was a fun, enjoyable time for all of us.
Happy birthday to you Deann. YOU are a gift to us and our family!!!!

Then, her husband, our younger son, Marc celebrated his 41st birthday on August 2nd........BUT he was in Denver on a business trip for his birthday and since he had to fly out on Sunday there was no way to put together our family dinner so........

Mickey & I decided to take just he and Deann out that Friday evening, August 6th, to a wonderful local steakhouse that we always enjoy. Marc & Mickey selected the Beef Wellington & Deann & I had Fillet Mignon. Yummy!!!!!

Deann's 3 sons were spending time with their father visiting his family out of state, and Marc's son & daughter we in California visiting their maternal aunt and grandparents .....SOOOO we had a very rare, very delightful evening and dinner of just the 4 of us. Then Suzette & Dave also took them out for another quiet, adult dinner of 4 on Monday, August 9th.

Happy, happy birthday to these lovely newly weds as they enjoy yet another occasion to celebrate in their new lives with each other.

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Kathy said...

I love how the Lord carved out some special time for the two of them, Marc & Deann, with some of their favorite people! God is good! Happy Birthday and Heaven's greatest blessings to the Newlyweds!

Tina said...

yes, I feel like that a lot! what a blessing you are!

Tina said...

oh yeah, the weight loss post is UP, FINALLY!!

Anonymous said...

What a wonderful occasion! So glad you got the kids all to yourself!

I felt blessed to celebrate with Lindsey even though it was two weeks early!

Oh, and I would love your bread recipe if you could send it please!

Mari said...

Happy Birthday to Marc and Deann! What a nice celebration!