Friday, December 3, 2010


My four Father Christmas that adore the top of our entertainment center each Christmas season

This is the first Father Christmas I ever got. It was a gift to me, from my forever friend, Joan, many years ago.

I purchased this smaller Father Christmas for myself to add to the one above.
Purchased another small Father Christmas to add to the collection.

This beautiful Father Christmas was a present from my daughter, Jacque, the first Christmas she was with us after losing everything in Katrina Hurricane in 2005.

Thank you for letting me share one of our many Christmas treasurers that make our house a home and mean so much to us.

ALSO, the chrystal Angel sitting in the middle of this display resides on this entertainment center year-round. It was a gift to me, several years ago, from my son Marc. She sits on a circular mirror base that turns and lights up. I absolutely love her and she is my latest addition to my Angel collection.

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Mari said...

I always enjoy seeing these old Father Christmases. You have a nice collection!

The Farmer's Daughter said...

You have a beautiful collection of Father Christmases, Susan. Thanks for sharing your photos of them.

Have a wonderful weekend,

retha said...

Such friendly faces!

Ma'am I knew you came from a time before me, but THAT long I did not know ;o} [1905]

Mary@notbefore7 said...

What a pretty collection! I love seeing everyone's Christmas collections.

Susan said...

Ratha - Thanks for pointing out the typo!!! I corrected it to 2005. Yes, I am getting old, but not quite THAT old yet!!!

Kathy said...

They're beautiful, Susan. May His comfort and His joy absolutely swirl around you this beautiful season of Christmas. Hugs to you and your family.

Joy said...

What a wonderful collection. I know you enjoy them.

They are beautiful.

Anonymous said...

My mom has a father Christmas. It's gorgeous and was a gift to her as well.

Glad you are finding time to appreciate the season. I'm sure you are soaking in every minute of the blessing of each day.

Maxine said...

Nice collection, Susan. I'm sure these items warm your heart and your home. Have a blessed Lord's Day tomorrow, dear friend.

Debra said...


Thank you so much for stopping by today and for your prayer and wonderful words of encouragement. It is such a blessing to have such sweet christian friends.

I continue to pray for your family and your daughter most especially.

Our God is truly a great God. He is a God of wonders and a wonderful God. I thank Him for His strength. Psalm 71:6 declares "I will go in the strength of the Lord"

Praise Jesus!


Debra said...

PS: Love your Father Christmas collection!

Dawn said...

What a lovely collection!

Midlife Mom said...

What a lovely collection of Father Christmas' you have there! Nice to hear the stories behind them too, it makes them all special.

Sharon said...

I put out my father christmas this weekend also. I got it from a friend also.
You do have a great collection of them.
Prayers and Hugs for you and your family.
Thanks for taking the time to stop by.