Saturday, November 27, 2010


THE BITTER: Suzette was feeling ill from the effects of the Chemo she had on Monday and the Avastin she'd had on Wednesday. SO.....she and Dave were unable to come and celebrate not only our Thanksgiving dinner but also our joint Birthday celebration for Dave & Mickey who both celebrate their birthdays on November 24th. We have always celebrated Mickey & Dave's birthday together on Thanksgiving each year.
We held up dinner scheduled for 2 , hoping she could get to feeling better and come, but finally at 3 we had to removed 2 places settings and the 10 of us feast, instead of the 12 of us.
Taken right after I took Suzette home from her Avastin injection on the 24th.
Dave had shaved BOTH his and Suzette's heads on Sunday, November 23rd. What a great, wonderful, loving & supportive husband, Dave is to his wife & our girl!!!
MORE BITTER: #1 Son, David, did not get to make it in from California. But he did call, while we were eating and we passed the phone around the table for everyone to say hello!!!
THE SWEET: We had celebrated an early Thanksgiving, with Turkey and all the trimmings, on October 22nd when David & Karin came to visit!!! There were 14 of us, should have been 17 but Deann's 3 sons were with their father that week-end.
Since we'd had turkey a month earlier we had Ham. I baked the ham & candied sweet potatoes. Jacque & Benny brought Cauliflower/Broccoli Salad & Amish Green Beans - Jessica & Josh brought a yummy fruit salad - Marc brought plain tea, sweet tea, rolls & butter - Deann baked delicious pumpkin & pecan pies :o) (so glad our family finally has a pie maker!!!) - Suzette & Dave had made a cranberry salad & purchased the ham. I was also suppose to fixed mashed potatoes and COMPLETELY FORGOT!! We sat down to eat and Jacque said, "Mom, where are the mashed potatoes?" OOOpps!!! I mean a BIG oops for this family not to have mashed potatos!!!
Mickey received this Hoody from his brother, Jerry, from Tennessee. See the joy on his face?!!!!! He'd been wanting one of these.

The skull cap on Mickey's head, and the Jesus Fish Tee-shirt were gifts from Jacque & Benny. Benny has started a new company called Biker Wraps and the emblem is on the skull cap and the back of the tee-shirt. These are just 2 of his items.

Marc's gift to his dad was an external hard-drive for our computers. YEAH!! No more worry about losing our data.

Grandpa Mickey and Grandson Aric both claiming to be #1!!!!

THE SWEET: Being able to share this Thanksgiving/Birthday celebration with at least 8 of my wonderful family: Mickey & I, Daughter Jacque & Benny, Son Marc, Deann, Granddaughter Oksana & Grandson Aric, and Granddaughter Jessica & Josh. Again, Deann's 3 boys, Mason, Austin & Cody were with their father for Thanksgiving this year.

THE SWEETEST OF ALL: The faith to believe that next Thanksgiving Suzette will not be ill and we will ALL celebrate Thanksgiving/Birthdays together.

The faith that someday we will ALL celebrate the Marriage Supper of The Lamb together in heaven!!!!!!

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Michelle-ozark crafter said...

Gentle, loving huggles my friend. Know that I love you guys and am praying for you all.

Nezzy said...

Amen sister, you said it well! My healing prayers are with your beautiful Suzette.

Thanks for the pictures of your beautiful family. You can tell by the smiles everyone was havin' a grand time.

God bless and have a terrific weekend sweetie!!!

Mari said...

I enjoyed your pictures, but I know it was hard not having Suzette there. Praying with you for a full, healthy table next year!

Kathy said...

There's no denying there is a bitter portion that came with "the sweet" this year. I trust that the God of all comfort made His rightful place in the midst of you all, this Thanksgiving. May you find Him taking up LOTS and LOTS of room in your heart and house this season. : ) You are so loved and prayed for.

Oklahoma Granny said...

You have the most wonderful family and I always enjoy reading your posts about your celebrations. My prayers continue for your lovely daughter.

retha said...

Asking for wholeness and completeness!


Maxine said...

Amen. Belated Thanksgiving wishes. You are blessed by God. All things work together for good. . .

Anonymous said...

Our lives sure hold mysteries for us and we can rest assured that we are safe in His hands no matter what.

It was bittersweet for us as well as we enjoyed two of our three daughters this year. I don't know if we will ever all be under one roof at the same time, but feel blessed regardless.

Much love to you and Mickey and continued prayers for Suzette.