Wednesday, October 20, 2010

SUZETTE - Answered Prayer

As my previous post stated....Mickey & I took Suzette to her Dr. Appointment at 9 a.m. this morning and they were to start her first chemo treatment at 9:30.

She and Dave had flown to Bethesda, MD on Monday, October 11th for an interview on Tuesday the 12th, at the National Institute of Health. They were to return to Tulsa on Wednesday, the 13th but NIH wanted her to stay another day. On Wednesday, the 13th they drained 2 more quarts of fluid from her lung and did an additional 3 biopsies and they few home on Thursday the 14th.

Monday, the 18th, Suzette & I went to an appointment with her local Dr. Cole and he told us he was wanting to talk to NIH for the results of the tests that they had done on her.

He set up the appointment for this morning at 9:30 to begin the chemo therapy......IF we had no answer from NIH.

AT 9:30 THIS MORNING DR. COLE WALKED INTO THE ROOM AND INFORMED US HE HAD JUST GOTTEN OFF THE PHONE WITH DR. CARTER FROM NIH!!!! They believe that Suzette will qualify for a stage II study they are doing. They have 2 opening left and they have reserved one of those slots for Suzette. They have one last test to run on another cell and we will know for sure by Friday.

PRAISE GOD - PRAISE GOD When I told Dr. Cole, "This is an answer to prayer!!" He replied, "Yes, it is!" God has even made sure that Suzette has a Christian Dr. who believes in prayer and knows that God is the true healer who quite often uses Dr!!!!!

I invite you to read my previous post, "What is Truth" to see our stand on this and why this is just confirmation of THE TRUTH as we walk through this journey we found thrust upon us 22 days ago when we heard the awful words "Suzette has lung cancer".

Picture of Suzette & Dave taken on 10-2-10, Mickey & my 52nd anniversary.

Picture taken of Suzette, October 16th, with her new short hair cut in preparation of chemo.
Please continue to pray for Suzette and stand in faith with us for her FINAL acceptance into this stage II study and total victory and healing.


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Mountain Mama said...

Susan I just read your message about Suzette and I am so sorry!! I will certainly keep her in my prayers.
How wonderful that our heavenly Father reserved a place for her in this study. He is so good!
God bless you and yours.

Michelle-ozark crafter said...

Standing firm here dear friends and continuing to pray.

Mari said...

God has certainly shown Himself already as you've traveled this path. I'll keep praying!

Kathy said...

First of all, your daughter is absolutely beautiful. What a smile. And those eyes! : ) Oh, I just love them.

God is in charge of this whole thing; I am absolutely certain of this much.

I will now go and read your more recent post. Hugs and blessings.

retha said...

The shorter hair suits her beautifully!


Oh Sew Good said...

A man I adopted as my "spiritual dad" would always say "It's a miracle!" even with the smaller things we don't think of as miracles really are when you think about it. :) (((hugs)))

Mary Lee said...

Standing with you!

Sohailah said...


Barbara said...

Standing with you as you know in this most difficult time. I like Suzette with her short hair too.

Sharon said...

Prayers will sure continue here.
I sure do like her hair cut short.
Thanks for the updates.
God is in your corner.

Oklahoma Granny said...

So happy to read your update. Of course Suzette and you all continue to be in my prayers.

Yellow Rose Arbor said...

Sounds like the Lord is already working and answering our prayers! PTL!

Keep us posted with updates!

Love and prayers!


Brenda said...

I can just feel your joy, Susan, at this news. We'll continue to pray for her.

groovyoldlady said...

You are in my prayers, Susan. May God show Himself strong as he uses this trial to make you all more like Him!