Tuesday, November 16, 2010

BOOK - Fire On The Earth

Just finished reading my 15th book for the year 2010. FIRE ON THE EARTH - Eyewitness Reports from the Azusa Street Revival. This great revival began in September, 1906 and literally had an impact on the entire world.

I've heard of Azusa Street for years but never really read anything factual on it. What amazes me the most, after reading this book, is what a small group of people were touched at the various meetings and yet those who were literally did impact the entire world. On reflection, that shouldn't have surprised me, since we know what impact the 12 Disciples had as they "turned the world upside down".

This book was not a particular exciting read, and yet I'm glad we took the time to read it and read what actual eye witnesses wrote and said about it.

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Mary R. said...

Yes, I love reading about the Azusa Street revival. We were recently in Los Angeles and came upon a plaque on a street lamp that said Azusa Street -- location of the 1906 Revival. I was touched to see it!

The Farmer's Daughter said...

Thanks for sharing this, Susan. I'll be looking for this book, it sounds like an interesting read.

I somehow missed your last post. Your granddaughter is so pretty! Looks like it was a good Veteran's Day.

Have a great day,

retha said...

I grew up with the Azusa street revival. Yes thousands of kilometres away. But only a couple years ago actually read for myself a book by Bartleman.
It is still vividly impressed on my mind, how the LORD leaves when man interferes and organises what HE is doing. At times I wished more of us could go through an experience like
Zechariah (not be able to speak) then maybe the LORD can move more freely amongst the people.

Sharon said...

I will have to look for that book.
I sure do hope all is going well with your daughter also.
Have a great Wednesday