Friday, November 12, 2010


This beautiful granddaughter, Oksana, invited her grandfather to be her special guest of honor at a Veteran's Day memorial at her school. I got to tag along, too :o) She recently blessed us with this 9th grade school picture so I thought I'd share it here.

First was a lovely BBQ luncheon served by some of the students, who were all wearing camouflage t-shirts with "Owasso".

This was on the wall in the room where we ate.
Standing in the buffet line.

After lunch we were shuttled by bus over to one of the auditoriums on this lovely Owasso campus for the program which began at 1.
The program was absolutely outstanding. This was Mickey & my first exposure to the Owasso school system since this is Oksana and Aric's first year to attend here. We are so pleased and delighted with all we've seen and heard and the good experience it has been in their lives.

The program was a jam packed 45 minute program with 2 guest speakers, lots of video's, taps by two student, the Chamber Choir, honor guard presentation of the colors, etc. and then over 50 veterans in attendance who were honored by name.

The program ended with all the veterans coming to the front and standing beneath the flag of their military branch.

It was a lovely, impressive program and to think it was put on by 9th & 10th grade students just blew our minds.

Another added surprise for us was getting to see Jessie. She and Oksana meet 3 years ago in the Tulsa school they attended and it is so wonderful that they are both still together here at Owasso. We had not see Jessie since Oksana's 14th birthday party.
It was a great day!!!

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Mary R. said...

How wonderful, and what a beautiful granddaughter!

retha said...

Yes, beautiful she is.
Good time you had there.

Tiffany said...

Your grandaughter is just beautiful! It's sounds like it was a lovely tribute for Veterans Day. I remember being in college and my mom sent me a pick from our local newpaper back home where my dad attended a Veterans Day program at my old high school. She circled him in the picture. He was standing there with his hand on his heart. I still have that clipping. ~Precious memories! Thinking about you and praying for your family still. ~Love Tiff

Sharon said...

That was so wonderful for Mickey and you. Your granddaughter is so beautiful.
Have a great weekend.
Prayers for you all.

Mari said...

She is a beautiful girl - inside and out!
It sounds like such a wonderful program. How special for the veterans to be honored by these kids.

Mariel said...

how sweet! what a legacy of hope and love!

Yellow Rose Arbor said...

Oksana is beautiful, and looks like a sweet girl!

Looks like it was a wonderful time as well!


Debra said...

Your granddaughter is just lovely! What a great way to honor our veterns!

Kathy said...

It looks like you all had a great time. Sounds like they packed the program with loads of talent and honor. Wonderful. Glad they're doing well in their new school.

Maxine said...

Oh wow, How sweet was that. And what a beautiful granddaughter you have. Just checking on you, Susan. Praying for your family often.

Pam said...

What a wonderful event!