Wednesday, December 8, 2010

PRAISING GOD - Update on Suzette

Here's my beautiful daughter with her new wig. I think she looks adorable!!!

Since my last post where Suzette was too ill for her and Dave to come to Thanksgiving she had a really rough few days. The effects from the chemo treatment and the Avastin were flu like.

Then the middle of last week she began to feel better, other than being very weak. Last Thursday, December 2nd, I took her for her C-T scan. Jacque met us there and then we went to Pan*era Br*read and Jessica met us and Jacque treated all of us to soup and sandwiches.

Here's my lovelies: Jessica, Jacque, Suzette.
After lunch I took Suzette home and Jacque and Jessica spent the afternoon shopping.

The following day, Friday December 4th, Mickey & I picked Suzette up and had lunch, this time at Sch*lotzsky's, where we all had soup and split a large sandwich. Suzette was able to eat her entire portion. Usually she'll take a few bites and we have it boxed up to go home with her. This time together was so nice and the meal delicious. They had served us the sandwich before the soup and just before we left came over and gave us each a coupon for a free small sandwich!!! WOW- didn't bother us the soup was late but we thanked the girl and thanked The Lord for blessing us!!!!

THEN, we took her to her appointment with her Pulmonary Dr. for chest X-rays. This was her first appointment, one month to the day, from that L-O-N-G horrible day when her lung was drained for the 3rd time. GOOD REPORT - Her lung capacity is 97% - Thank You JESUS. GOOD REPORT - there is still a small amount of fluid but has not increased - Thank You JESUS!!!! I'm here to tell you, the 3 of us almost skipped down the corridor leaving that Dr. office and that medical building.

Last night I had the honor of meeting Suzette at St. Francis Hospital (Dave brought her) where the Cancer Society puts on a free seminar called "Look Good - Feel Good" where they teach them about wigs, scarfs and applying make-up. The eye make-up is especially important to learn as they loose their eyebrows and eye-lashes. There were 9 patients present, plus us guests, and there were 4 instructors. It was VERY informative and fun. One of the patients volunteered to be the model. She was great!!! These woman are amazing and I am so honored to be able to participate in these things with my Suzette. After the seminar I took Suzette home.

AND, presented her with a BEAUTIFUL prayer shawl. Sunday at church my sweet friend, Britney, handed me this prayer shawl she had made for Suzette. I was so touched. I wanted her to go with me to visit and meet Suzette and she present it to her but we were unable to put that together. Britney's husband is home with pneumonia, she has 5 young children under the age of 6, one being only a couple of months old, and she works from her home!!!! SOOO I had the honor of giving it to her. In all the excitement I forgot to take a picture - Bad blogger!!!! Next time I'm at Suzette's I'll do so and edit this post and post the picture.

Suzette is just overwhelmed by the love and support that everyone is showing her. She had also been given 3 new hand knitted hats, one for Christmas, that had come from Asbury Methodist Hope Center - a group of woman there who make them.

Tomorrow Dave will be taking Suzette to the appointment with her oncologist for the C-T Scan results and then for her 3rd Chemo treatment. He is taking the day off to be with her the entire day. Mickey & I will be anxiously awaiting the phone call of the C-T Scan results as soon as they have seen the Dr. WE ARE ANTICIPATING A GOOD REPORT -

Hebrews 11:1: "Now faith is the substance of things hoped for, the evidence of things not seen.”


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Tiffany said...

Praise the Lord! Praise the Lord! Thank you Lord that she is not only feeling better, but, good reports are coming in. I know it will continue the Lord's blessings. The Lord is so sweet in His blessings. I love the new wig too. Very sassy new look for her and it really looks natural. I'm so glad you shared this with us. ~Praying for a wonderful and enjoyable holiday! -Love You -Tiff

Mari said...

Suzette looks so cute! God is truly at work and people all over are praying for her. She is blessed to have such support around her as well.

The Farmer's Daughter said...

Suzette looks really cute in your photos! Praying for good results and good health for her.


Sharon said...

I to say Praise the Lord.!!!
I will continue to pray for you all and I hope that we have really good news on her tests.
She is so cute in her new wig.
Thanks for sharing her update.
I can not get the care link to open so I have to wait to hear from you.
God bless you all.

Sohailah said...

She looks AMAZING in that wig, and I'm so glad she is able to smile - all the way to her eyes!

I LOVE this report - am continuing to believe and am thankful she has you two as parents.

Sunny said...

What can I say except "Amen!" Your daughters look lovely. Glad to hear Suzette's wonderful report. Keep calling those things that are not, as though they were (complete healing)and the things that are, as though they weren't (sickness and disease) Wish you could have gotten one of the waitresses to take the picture so you could be in it too!


Midlife Mom said...

What an uplifting and wonderful post about your dear daughter! So glad to hear that she had a good report and will be praying that there will be many more wonderful reports until this ordeal is behind her! She does look awfully cute in her wig!!!

Nancy said...

She looks great and such wonderful news... God is the true healer. Prayers continue for all of you..

Kathy said...

I have the best time reading your posts, Susan. Thank you for this wonderful post about your time with Suzette and family. We love how the Lord is working in your home and hearts. Our love and prayers are with you all!

Maxine said...

Amen! This post was so uplifting and I can hear the encouraged sound of you words coming up from the page. Suzette does indeed look great and we will certainly keep those prayers going UP. Our God is doing a work.

~Ginger said...

Love watching the Lord at work!

retha said...

What a good idea to have that "look and feel good" seminar. Almost as good as the news!

Barbara said...

I love the wig and Suzette really suits her hair short I think.