Tuesday, January 4, 2011

GOALS for 2011

Well, here it is already the 4th day of this brand new year and I am just now getting around to posting my goals although I did actually begin on them on December 31st!!

First, I wanted to go back and review my goals for last year and see how I did. As you all know, as the weeks and months wear on we have a tendency to become lack and even forget, or worse yet, discard those goals.

Here is the link to my goals last year.

#1 - Begin a 21 day fast with water only for the first 4 days then 2 meals a day - ACCOMPLISHED.

#2 - After January fast for 1 day a week the remainder of the years - FAILED.

#3 - Lose weight - FAILED....actually I did a good job of losing weight at the start of the year, then gradually gained back about 5 lbs. I did maintain there for most of the year, until Suzette got sick and then I proceeded to put back all but 5 lbs. SO, I start off this year with just a weight loss of 5 lbs, which to me is FAILURE.

#4 - Purchase only milk, bread & fresh veggies & fruit during the month of January to cut the January grocery bill way down. ACCOMPLISHED - in fact I continued on for the month of February and only spent around $100 both months. SO, double ACCOMPLISHED!!

#5 - Hold down grocery expenses for 2010 to what I spent in 2009, in spite of rising grocery costs. ACCOMPLISHED - I actually spent an average of $17.13 a month less in 2010.

#6 - Make extra house payments and pay-off our house mortgage. ACCOMPLISHED!!!! This was a BIG one for us. Although I was not able to make the extra principle payments earlier in the year, as planned, we did pay-off our home and it's mortgage on November 10, 2010. I am soooo thankful for this.

#7 - To hear God's voice and be lead by the Holy Spirit and to be obedient to what, and where, He is leading. ACCOMPLISHED - Even though there is more and more of this needed I do honestly feel I kept this as my focus and my eyes & ears fixed on HIM.


#1 - Continue our early morning Bible reading, devotional time, and reading additional Christian literature and PRAYING.

#2 - Take my supplements and vitamins regularly. I was very lax about this last year.

#3 - Exercise by walking every Monday, Wednesday & Friday.

#4 - Make up menus for each week or month using primarily my new 4 Ingredient Diabetic cook-book and purchase at the first of the month the needed ingredients. Since this is January 4th I have already accomplished this for January. Yeah!!!

#5 - Lose weight and KEEP IT OFF. Let's see if 2011 is the year I can FINALLY accomplish this almost every New Year resolution!!!

#6 - Get rid of more "stuff" around the house. I did clear out some in 2010 with a huge garage sale and then taking ALL that was left to Good-Will but there is still way too much stuff in this house.

#7 - Organize the garage by purchasing chests & cupboards to store things instead of having items stacked and laying everywhere.

#8 - Continue to watch our grocery and eating out expenses and keep them in line with 2010.

#9 - Do better in posting regularly to Penless Writer than I did in 2010. Getting on fb seems to have taken up time that I need to put into the blogging. Blogging takes more time, thought and effort than fb.

#10 - Pay off our car loan......the last debt we have. We owe 27 months so this will be a big challenge!!

#11 - Put God FIRST in all things. Although I always list this last (as I did last year) it truly is my #1 priority. We truly feel that time is short and there is much to be accomplished.

I'd love to hear what your goals are, or if you made any. Please share them with me.

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Oklahoma Granny said...

Congratulations on all your 2010 accomplishments. I'm sure you'll do even better in 2011.

Sharon said...

Congrats to you on your 2010. Mine was a big failure.
I want to lose weight and watch what I eat. Well I have been watching it real close (as it goes in the mouth)
I hope that you can do as good in 2011 as 2010.

Kathy said...

I did not make a specific list of goals for myself last year, although, I did, mid school year, evaluate the children across their lives, from physical to spiritual. Set some goals, and met many of them. So glad I did that. Time to do it again. For myself as well!

Wanted to comment on #9, time on facebook versus blogging. I have to amen that for you and for me. Facebook is so quick and fulfilling relationally in that way. But I remember when it was the new craze and I was still blogging, and I preferred blogging because of the depth of the relationships developed there. I am back where I started in feeling that blogging, if I'm going to be at the computer, is better use of my time. Hence, more blogging for me, less facebook.

Thank you for sharing your awesome goals. As usual, you're an inspiration!!! Much love!

Sandra said...

Whoohoo on your accomplishments!!! I think you probably already read mine on FB.

Nancy said...

Those are some impressive goals and congrats on those you have accomplished already. I have never gotten into making resolutions but try to increase my Bible reading and time with the Lord each year.

Saleslady371 said...

Hi, Susan:
You have been on my heart recently and I wanted to stop by and wish you a very happy new year. Your goals are admirable. I continue to pray for Suzette and I just read your post about your grandchildren. We are facing a custody battle with our grand baby, too. Your faith is so encouraging.

Joy said...

You have accomplished so much Susan. I'm so impressed with how you track your grocery expenses. I used to and haven't the last couple of years.
One of the things I'm working on this year is getting a better understanding of my Bible by trying to focus on the Jewish context of scripture.
I did lose weight last year and came off of high blood pressure medicine that the dr. told me I would have to take all my life. - proved him wrong.
I'm still mulling over other specific goals.
♥ Joy

MightyMom said...

you did good last year and I'm sure will do even better this year!

I sooo agree about fb vs blog!!