Monday, February 7, 2011


Our wonderful son, Marc, daughter-in-love, Deann, and grandson, Aric came all the way from Owasso and their 19" of snow (that city had the most snow for this entire area) to clear our drive and walkway for us.

 Mickey, Marc & Deann hard at work and just beginning.

Aric was assigned the job of clearing a path to our front door through the high snow drift that had piled up there.

 Aric's finished job.  Pretty good for our just turned 12 year old, with a small shovel and not use to manual labor :o)
 The finished drive-way....pavement!!!!

 An out of order picture of the 3 workers.  Where is the picture of Susan shoveling snow?????  Well......I didn't, and SOMEONE had to take the pictures!!!!!  Right?
What our center piece picture of the patio looked like Saturday.

There is a Taco Bueno just outside our addition and after clearing the drive Mickey & Marc took a test drive over there to see if we could get out of the neighborhood.......and we bought 15 taco's for the 5 of us for lunch.  They had them on sale for 75cents each with a purchase of 10 or more.  What a deal!!!  $2.25 for lunch for our workers, plus diet coke, and the banana nut bread I'd made the day before.  Pretty cheap labor for my wonderful crew!!!
YES, I am one blessed, above & beyond, lady.

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Oklahoma Granny said...

Aric did a wonderful job! Cudos to all the laborers for a job well done.

Nezzy said...

WooHoo, it's great to have help. I shoveled ours myself. I figure...who needs a gym when you've got the Ponderosa!!!

God bless ya and have a terrific week sweetie!!!

Shirley said...

Glad you had help! Wow - I still can't believe how much snow you have.

Mountain Mama said...

Yes you are blessd Susan. When our loved ones come to our rescue we realize just how much we are loved. Aric really did a nice job too. What a treasure he must be.
You sure got a lot of snow! It was nice and sunny here today but a cold wind has kjept me inside.
God bless you and yours dear Susan.

Mari said...

Those are some great workers! You are blessed to have such a thoughtful family.

Sunny said...

I love stories like this... whether we are the ones being helped, or the ones doing the helping. I think the ones doing the helping receive the bigger blessing :)

Midlife Mom said...

Wow! It looks just like it does here!!! We have more coming down today as well, maybe about 5 more inches. Some different then my weekend in Florida! HA!

Oh yes, we are so blessed to have family to help out in any given situation aren't we?!!!!! I need to be on my knees more thanking God for His goodness and blessings as I have many! Thank you dear Jesus!

Maxine said...

Oh wow! You are blessed beyond measure!