Saturday, August 6, 2011

"C" is for __________________

My third day of Alphabet in August participation is the letter "C".

CUDDLING - My husband and I love to cuddle

COPING - I have high coping skills and can, and do, cope with almost any situation I find myself in or have had to deal with in life.

CURT - I can be very curt and to the point with my response at times.  Especially is I am overly tired.

CONSISTENT - I am very consistent about most everything and especially as it relates to my beliefs on given subjects such as faith, family or politics.

CARING - I am a caring person and take great care in showing my appreciation, affection or concern for people.

CAPABLE - I am a fairly capable person about accomplishing and doing most things EXCEPT where electronics of any kind are concerned.

COZY - I like to consider our home and life style cozy and relaxaing and want anyone who come to our home to feel at easy and cozy.

CALCULATING - This word comes to my mind, not in a negative sense because I do not think I am that, but I am always calculating cost of things, expenses, quanities, etc.  Anything relating to figures or figuring.

CELEBRATE - I love to celebrate and can make a big deal out of most anything and make it an occasion to celebrate.  As a family, and with our close friends, we are always celebrating some occasion.  Just this week we celebrated our youngest son, Marc's, 42nd birthday on August 2nd by going to dinner at a nice steak house. 
Marc with his birthday cake, candle and our favorite waitress.

CHEERFUL - I am a cheerful, happy person and always able to see the glass 1/2 full.

CHILDREN - Next to my Lord and husband my 4 children and 3 grandchildren are the joy and center of my life.

CHRISTMAS - I love Christmas!!!  Not only is it the day we celebrate the birth of our Lord Jesus but it is also my birthday so it is double special to me and at our house.

CHERISH - I cherish gifts that have been given to me by special people, memories of fun times and places, my church family, my friends, my family, and all the wonderful cyber friends I have made through this blogging experience.

CANCER - I HATE this disease that stole our precious Suzette from us.  I have sworn the devil is going to be so sorry he ever did that to us and this family as I will spend every day of my life standing against him and this evil tool of his.  I will also pray every day of my remaining life for a cure to this evil disease that takes over and consumes the body and kills.

CHEMO THERAPY - I know this helps some people but I hate it almost as much as cancer because of the toll it takes on the people who are subjected to it. 

CONSUMED - I am consumed with my fight against cancer and chemo!!!!!! 

Sorry to end on such a sad not, but I could not do "C" and not include these.

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Mari said...

Lots of good C points! This one really makes you think about your attributes!

Oklahoma Granny said...

We've been gone for a few days and so I'm just catching up. Somehow I missed that your birthday is on Christmas. Have you mentioned that before? It's wonderful how much celebrating your family does.

Dawn said...

Looks like a fun series of posts for you. Good choices describing yourself!