Friday, August 5, 2011

'B' is for BIBLE

Continuing to play Alphabet in August.

"B" is, and has to be, BIBLE -

it is the core and foundation of my life and existence.  So much so that when I began blogging I selected it as my header.  I think in King James, because that is the Bible I used when I first began to memorize scripture, but I love various translations of the Bible and  currently own:  The large table size KJV Bible you see pictured above - New American Standard - Phillips New Testament in Modern English - Marked Reference KJV - Scoffield KJV - The Message - Amplified Bible - Narrated Bible in Chronological Order - Parallel Bible NIV/KJV & last but not least Franklin compact battery KJV.  I even have this Child's Bible and Pray Book (2 1/2" long by 1 3/4" wide and 124 pages) that was given to me in 1942 by my Sunday School teacher. 

My very favorite Bible, and truly my most cherished possession, is my leather bound KJV Bible that Mickey gave me on our first anniversary, October 4, 1959.  The pages are almost tissue thin in  places - I have notes written, or taped in the front and back blank pages - it is underscored, highlighted and notes written on many of its pages.  I wore out the original cover and we had it rebound in May, 1979.  It is a rather small bible (5 1/4" wide & 7 3/4" long) and it is the one I still take to Church with me.

This became so long and involved I'm not adding anymore "B" words here. 

I invite you to join up and play along, or if you don't want to do that leave me the "B" words that describe you in your comments.

Have a blessed date.  BLESSED - That is definitely one of my "B" words because I am, and have been so BLESSED.

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Kathy said...

Beautiful blessed Believer, Bibles bring big blessings because Bibles become bread!

I loved your pictures,especially the little Bible given to you as a child.

Thanks for sharing this with us.

Sharon said...

I love the Little Bible that you have there.
Like you I feel Blessed each day.
Prayers for a Blessed weekend.

Anonymous said...

How blesssed we are by the promises the BIBLE gives us. Without them we would have no hope of the present, the past,the future. I like Kathy's statement that it is our BREAD. Thank you for the Blessing u bring to Barbara and my lives. We are truly blessed to have friends like you. Blessings Don

Humble wife said...

Boy Bibles bequeath behemoth backbone bits before bookworms!

Bye Bye~


Crystal said...

Thanks for visiting me today, Susan! It's nice to see you back blogging again. I've thought about you often this summer.

I am so Blessed to know you and Always thankful that our paths Crossed. Have a Delightful weekend!

Mountain Mama said...

I too have several Bible's but there is just 'something' about my dear old KJV! I realize of course that our Lord did not speak this language but somehow it seems less filtered.
I would have to say my "B" word is blessings. I do not believe in 'luck' and do not use the word. It sort of leaves things oPen to the enemy. I like 'Blessings because it definitely says. "JESUS DID IT."
Thanks for an interesting post Susan and God Bless you!

Yellow Rose Arbor said...

Hi Susan,
What a neat post, looks like an enjoyable time sharing something from the alphabet each day! My B word also has to be Blessed! I am so thankful for my blessings, especially for good health! I always hesitate to boast about blessings because I don't want to hurt someone (such as one in bad health) not to feel blessed. I would like to hear how others feel about this. Another blessing is to be able to cope when things go wrong, by trusting in our Lord Jesus!

Well, I could on go on and on, but won't!