Tuesday, August 9, 2011

"E" is for..............ERRETT

Fifth day of my participation in Alphabet for August with the Letter "E"

ERRETT - I know this is a strange one to you, but this is my maiden name and I am very proud of it and actually use it as my middle name because when I was born I was not given a middle name.

ENERGETIC - I have a very high energy level and I require only 5 or 6 hours sleep.

EVASIVE - One thing I am not is evasive. I am very straight forward and honest.

EAGER - I am eager to see what God has in store for me each and every day.  I am eager to meet new people, try new things, and accomplish the tasks set before me.

EXCITEMENT - I have, and continue to live a very exciting life.  I cannot imagine living a life where I did not participate in and try new things.  That is why I was able to start blogging at age 68 and how much excitement that has added to my life.   It is also why we have owned 2 hot air balloons and spent 5 years traveling around the U.S. & Canada in our 5th wheel. 

EVENTUALLY - I will eventually spend eternity in Heaven and that has been, and is, the goal of my life.

END - It is time to end this post and go to bed!!!

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Crystal said...

I love dropping in to see what you've written for the next letter! Thanks for putting yourself into these letters. I feel like I am coming to know you much better. Have an Especially Enjoyable day tomorrow!

Mari said...

I'm always impressed by how many adjectives you find for each letter and how well they fit you. :)

Midlife Mom said...

What a great letter E! I wish I could get by on 5 or 6 hours a day of sleep. 8 or 9 is what I do best on. Isn't it wonderful having Eternity to look forward to?!!!!

Anonymous said...

Well this Earl sends exceptionally enjoyment from himself early in the day. Was especially amused at you ending... Love ya... Don