Thursday, August 11, 2011

'G' is for............GLASSES

Seventh day to participate in ALPHETBET in AUGUST over at Chiot's Run.   It's fun, give it  try or at least leave me your "G" words for today

GLASSES - I have worn GLASSES since I was in the 4th grade.  A very l-o-n-g  time.  I have never worn contact lens, just only GLASSES.  Over the course of these many years I have had GLASSES of many shapes and colors.  I have always had a very hard time selecting the frames and it takes me a long time while I try on pair after pair, finally narrow it down to 2 choices and still have to try them on and off/back and forth trying to decide which I really like and want.  

Not this time - I had my eye exam recently and walked in to select the frames ......... 

Saw this pair and said, "Oh, I like these."  Tried them on and said, "These are what I want!"  What a joy to know immediately.  The second bonus is that everyone who has seen me since has said, "Oh, you got new GLASSES.  I love those."  So I guess I made a GOOD choice

I also got new tinted sunglass lens.  I loved my sunglass frames, which were a tortoise shell frame and I couldn't find any frames I liked as well, in my price selection choice, so I opted to just have the new lens put in my old frames.  When I went to pick them up they had broken my frames so substituted these for me.  They are very close to what I had and new so I was pleased.

GOOFY - This is our wonderful neighbor, Wayne.  He came down the other day just to show us this GOOFY hat he'd gotten on his vacation. 

We love to be GOOFY and are glad that we have a lot of GOOFY friends!!

GOD/GODLY - No other name under heaven GREATER than our GOD.  His name is above all names.  His names encompasses so many other names and I love Him with all my heart and soul and all that is within me.  Because I love Him so, I endeavor to live a GODLY life and set a GODLY example.  I would never want to bring shame upon the name of my wonderful GOD.

GIFT - I love to GIVE GIFTS and I love to GET GIFTS, I think we all do.  I received a wonderful GIFT this past Saturday, and it is so wonderful and so special that I am going to do a separate post on it.  Hope you'll read about it also.  Of course the GREATEST GIFT ever GIVEN is Jesus and the GIFT of eternal life through Him.

GREED - The complete opposite of GIVE and one of the traits that hurts me to see in anyone because I know in the long run they are just causing pain to themselves.

GRIEF - We have, and will all, experience GRIEF.  This family has just gone through the worse time of GRIEF that we have ever experienced.  I am so thankful for our Lord & Savior who carries our GRIEF and our sorrows.  I am also so happy that we do not GRIEVE as those who have no hope for we know that Suzette is in Heaven with her heavenly Father and that we will soon be united again. 

GRACE/GRACEFUL/GRACIOUS - GRACE, GRACE GOD'S GRACE.  There are not words to describe the GRACIOUS Love that GOD bestows on us in GRACE.  I admired people who are very GRACEFUL and carry themselves with a certain GRACE.

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retha said...

Grace is what I am looking at.

Barbara said...

Black is the 'in' colour for spectacle frames here just now.