Sunday, August 21, 2011

'M' is for..........................MANY

Day 13 of my participation in ALPHABET in AUGUST.  So go to Cliot's Run and check it out.

MANY - A funny word to start with but I've been thinking about so MANY words and things as I've been writing these post the past 13 days.  Sometimes its important to take time to look at MANY things in life and I've enjoyed dealing with the words that have special meaning to me.  I've also noticed that most of my words have been action words - because I am a person of action and activity.  Not a sit around and do nothing person.

MANAGING -  I like to MANAGE my life, my affairs, my money, my spiritual walk.  I've come to the conclusion I am a MANAGER.

MARRIAGE - Of course this had to be one of my "M" words because of the wonderful MARRIAGE Mickey and I have managed to carve out and create for ourselves, with that Third Cord of Jesus!!!!  Although it is almost perfect now, we have, over the years, had to work through many issues, hurts, disappointments, etc.  My MESSAGE (another good "M" word) is don't give up and keep going and it can be done......and the doing is well worth it!!

MEMORY - I am so grateful for my MEMORY and for all the wonderful MEMORIES I have.  MEMORIES, good and bad, are ours.  We possess them and we need to remember and treasure them.

MONEY - Is a very important thing in this life but it certainly is not the most important thing.  I believe too many spend too much time concentrating on earning it and spending it, instead of using it for The Kingdom and for good.  We use our money wisely and I am quite frugal.  I was raised with those values and I am glad they were instilled into me by my parents.

MERCY - Where would any of us be without MERCY.  We all need it, and our Lord gives it so freely.  I am so very grateful for the MERCY bestowed on me and mine.

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retha said...

All I can say is: Mercy saw me.

Sharon said...

Another great post with the letters.
I really liked how did the word Marriage.
Have a great day.

Charlotte said...

Wonderful "M" words, Susan. I'm glad you shared them with us.