Thursday, August 25, 2011

The Letter "N" - "O" - & "P"

Oh my, I am falling so far behind in ALPHABET in AUGUST and only on the 14th letter and there are only 6 days left in August so I am going to bunch them up and do 3 letters today.  As always I am participating in this exercise that Cliot's Run is featuring.

'N' is for.....NEED - We all have many NEEDS and our biggest NEED is to make Jesus both Lord and Savior of our lives.  Unfortunately too many people accept Him as Savior but never make Him Lord of their lives.  The Bible tells us that God will meet our every NEED and I have experienced this over my entire long life. 

NEEDY - The world is so full of many NEEDY people.  People who no matter what they acquire, what they accomplish, what they achieve, are never content, happy or satisfied but are still NEEDY.  A NEEDY person sucks the very life out of everything and everyone it comes in contact with.  It breaks my heart to see NEEDY people because I know all they truly NEED is Jesus.

'O' is for.....OWNERSHIP - This word means several things to me:   being raised by a father who was in the Real Estate business I grew up knowing the value of OWNERSHIP in your own home.  I was raised in a home that my parents OWNED and during the 52+ years of Mickey & my marriage we have only rented 3 times (when we first moved to Denver for a year before purchasing a home), (when we first moved to Tulsa for a year before purchasing a home)and (1 year in Albuquerque when we moved there to take my mother back as she was nearing death).  We have OWNED 6 different homes during these years and have OWNED our current one in Coweta for the past 14 years. 

OWNERSHIP also means to me taking OWNERSHIP (responsibility) of our actions, deeds, thoughts, words, just everything about us.  It seems in the world today there is very little of this type OWNERSHIP.  Instead everyone wants to blame someone else or something else for everything.  I have always talked full OWNERSHIP of myself and my actions. It is one of the core values we taught our children and all 4 of our children take full OWNERSHIP of themselves.

'P' is for.....PRAYER - In my opinion the most important part of our Christian walk is PRAYER.  We begin that journey with PRAYER when we confess our sins and ask Jesus to come into our heart and forgive us.  The Bible tells us to PRAY without ceasing....when I was a new Christian that always baffled me because I thought, "How can we be praying all the time when there are other things I have to do and be involved in?" but I've come to realize what that means to me is having Christ, God, The Holy Spirit first and foremost in our minds at all times and whether something good or bad happens our immediate response is to praise Him or/and ask for His help and intervention.  I am thankful to have a God who hears and answers our PRAYERS.  I am glad He not only asks us, but commands us, to PRAY one for another. 

I hope I'm not boring my readers with this project.  It has forced me to think very deeply about some of the values I hold most important in my life and has been good for me!

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Sharon said...

Dear Susan
Thanks for stopping by and leave your sweet comment.
I have been playing catch up and I finally got to catch up with you and I must say I truly enjoy it. I love the inspiration I get from you.
Hugs sweet friend

Debra said...

Not boring at all Susan, I especially like your n,o,p! I've not blogged or visited much lately, trying to catch up a little.


Brenda said...

I enjoy your thoughts, Susan. Thanks for sharing your heart!