Wednesday, August 31, 2011

"U" - "V" & "W" is for ....................

Winding down on ALPHABET in AUGUST over at Cliot's Run.

ULTIMATE - When I first meet someone I always wonder what ULTIMATE (final point or result) that person is working toward or aiming for.  Everyone will have an ULTIMATE destination or end of some kind or another.  It is a very important question for each of us to ask ourselves and then even more important to settle on a worthy ULTIMATE goal.  Mine is to live out my life to the ULTIMATE within my ability that I might reach my ULTIMATE goal, which is to run the race my Lord and Savior has set before me until the end.  I'm curious what your ULTIMATE goal in this life is?

VIOLIN - I love VIOLIN music.  It is so beautiful and soothing.  I tried to play the VIOLIN when I was in grade school but never mastered it so I stuck with my piano.  I truly admire people who have mastered this beautiful instrument.

WALK - This certainly has to be my "W" words for August.  I began walking, on a daily basis on July 7th by walking .4 miles.  As of today I have walked for 56 consecutive days and am now walking 1 to 1.5 miles per day.  I walk first thing every morning, right after sunrise, because we are having the hottest summer on record with our temperature up over 100 and sometimes as high as 107.  I also thought it might get easier after 56 days but it has not and I'm having to use my "T" word - Tenacity to get out there each and every morning!!!

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Momma Roar said...

I love your idea of ultimate - it reminds me of Purpose Driven Life!

I love string instruments - I attempted to play the cello - 8 years - but never developed the ability to make it sound the way it deserved!!!!

I'm so proud of you for walking! You inspire me!!