Wednesday, September 28, 2011


This is the one year anniversary of the 2nd worse day in my life - September 28, 2010 when our beloved oldest daughter, Suzette,  was diagnosed with Stage IV Lung Cancer.

I struggled a little bit each day last week as we were approaching this day and I shed tears.

I was actually dreading today because I was afraid I'd wake up today and completely fall apart.  Surprisingly enough I did not and in fact I woke up and was keenly aware that this was a new year and to truly rejoice that I know, without a shadow of a doubt, where Suzette is and how glorious happy she is and that the last thing she would want any of us to be doing is mourning for her.

Suzette & Dave, at dinner with Mickey & I as we celebrated our 52nd Anniversary, October 4, 2010, 8 days after her diagnosis.

Yes, we miss her terribly and I know the Holidays this year will be difficult and that we will always have that empty place in our lives and at our table ...... but I also know that some day we will join her in that glorious place with our Lord and Savior. 


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Mari said...

Susan, this is such a testimony of God's grace. He has held you through this year and will continue in the years to come, until you meet again!

Brenda said...

I can't imagine, Susan. The seemingly little things I go through pale in comparison to what you've endured this past year. I'm glad you have Christ's perspective and through that He has brought you through and carried you when you felt you couldn't bear anymore. Blessings today, Susan!
Love you and Mickey. And you have always been real in my eyes. Thanks for sharing your heart with us.

Cheryl @ The Farmer's Daughter said...

I greatly admire your strength and your faith, Susan. Take comfort in knowing that Suzette is happier now than ever and that you will see her again. Blessings.

Oklahoma Granny said...

Your strength inspires me.

Sohailah said...

I did tear up reading it. I know what you know... but our hearts still yearn for them here. Much love to you, and blessings on your heart and head.

Becky said...

I remember reading your post when that happened. Grief is so hard. And I am still so sorry. I can't even begin to imagine how hard it must be for you.

I remember the one thing that helped me when we lost my dad was knowing I did not ever have to worry about him again.

Sending love and prayers.

Kathy said...

Susan, I love hearing how the Lord brought His "new" to you this morning. His mercies truly ARE new every morning. Rise up and praise Him, as I know you do.

Thank you for reminding us of the significance of this date. It's helpful to be nudged even to keep the prayers coming through the holidays. Grief takes time.


retha said...

HIS mercies are new every morning. We all know life is fragile, but more often do not live that. May I grow to live gently with others.

I thank our GOD for helping you walking this path of your life.

retha said...

Sorry, did not intend to repeat what Kathy said. Shows IT IS true.