Friday, September 23, 2011


About 6 weeks ago the Lord prompted me to go to our Pastor Steve and offer to volunteer 1 day a week helping in the church office.  He was delighted and said he'd run it by the Office Manager, Melody,
and if it was okay with Melody he would then present it to the Church Deacon Board for approval.  It was okay with Melody and the Deacon Board did approve me.  I have worked the last 4 weeks.  The first 2 weeks I worked on Wednesday and the past 2 weeks on Monday.  I will be helping each Monday.

The King's Kitchen is still running smoothly.  We have been blessed with such a dependable, faithful group of kitchen help and 5 delivery teams of 2 that help us week after week.  We have now been operating this program, of sending a meal each and every Tuesday to shut-ins, for past year and 8 months.  Pictured is a salad we delivered to them recently.  Of course we also always have milk, bread of some kind, and a dessert. 

I am still hosting a Bible Study every Tuesday night in our home of 12-13 woman.  I'll try and post a separate post about this in the near future.   

My favorite Bible Teacher, Perry Stone, was in Tulsa at a conference September 9th - through 11th.  We went to hear him Friday evening at 7 pm - then Saturday we watched the streaming video for both the 10 & 5 services - then were able to attend on Sunday evening at 6.  What a blessing to hear him in person.  We had only seen him in person one evening 2 years ago at a conference in Arkasas.  We were NOT disappointed!!!!

Our daughter, Jacque, and granddaughter, Jessica, participated in the Race for the Cure last Saturday, September 17th in honor of Jacque's sister and Jessica's aunt, Suzette.  They asked me to join them but I felt that was a little too much for me :o)  I am SOOO proud of them for doing this.  They were joined by 3 of Jessica's friends.  Jessica & Jacque are the 2 on the left.

Yes, our lives are very busy & very full. 

To answer Ginger's question about my working 1 day a week in the church office - No, this is not a paid position - I volunteered.

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Brenda said...

Your lives look fulfilling...and that salad looks delicious! Blessings indeed!

retha said...

I was thinking a similar thought about that salad!

Hope their legs has regained strength.

Sharon said...

I can see that you do have a very busy life.
It is great when you have the chance to service the Lord in several ways.
How wonderful of the girls to do a walk for cancer.
Have a blessed weekend.

Kathy said...

Yep, just as I suspected, quite occupied with obedience!!! : ) I love how the Lord leads you to pursue different ministries. Isn't it wonderful that we can spend our time on God's appointments rather than waste our time on our own ideas. Blessings, dear friend.

Kathy said...

I just HAD to add this second comment, Susan. I was closing out "Blogger" on my laptop, and at a quick glance it looked like the title was, "Love" is busy."Then I realized how true it is....Love IS busy!!! That's why you're busy, because the love of Christ dwells richly in you!

Mari said...

You are very busy and much of your time is spent helping others. I know you are blessed back in what you are doing!
I love Kathy's comment - she's got it right!

Ginger said...

Wow, is this a paid position at church or are you a volunteer? That's so wonderful. I think I would enjoy that type of thing. I looked into working at our church office when Alicia was working there, but found it was way to advanced for me. In a mega church there is mega stuff to due and mega talent to do it. Maybe someday I can be of service in this area in a smaller church.