Thursday, September 22, 2011

Transforming our back yard

When we sold the 5th wheel on August 8th and it was removed from our backyard it exposed 82 1/2' of driveway and the very long and overgrown flowerbed behind it.  It had been parked there for the past 7 years so this was a BIG change of view.

I always forget to take "before" pictures when we were weeding and cleaning up the area.  The nice rains we had helped a lot and I was able to help Mickey with some of the weeding.   

One thing we did was buy 5 more dark crimson crape myrtle plants to go with the one we had back there.  Mickey is planting them here.

 The other thing he had to do was thin out this monkey grass and then replant it along the bare spots above, where the trailer actually blocked this area.
 We had some stepping stones to the barn but he moved 5 others which lead acoss the lawn to the RV and filled in the space where the pavement ends to the barn. The distance from the drive to the barn is 27 1/2'.

It is looking so nice.  Mickey is such a hard worker and takes pride in keeping our property looking in tip-top shape.

 Our lovely morning glories that greet us with their bright faces each morning.  They are much fuller than when I took these shorts some while ago.

Mickey loves his birds and feed them from the seed feeders and the humming birds from this feeder but he was beside himself this summer when he had this beautiful Baltimore Oriel not only visit but also eat from the humming bird feeder.

Just sharing a little more of our little piece of God's earth that we are blessed to own and occupy.
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Mari said...

It's looking great! I think you and Mickey are both hard workers - it shows in all you do!

Brenda said...

We need Mickey to help us with our yard!
I love the vining morning glories. So beautiful.

Barbara said...

Removing the RV must have made such a difference and given you a lot more garden space. Will be watching to see the Myrtle's grow. Not a bush that I am familiar with in this part of the world.

Sharon said...

It looks great and his hard work sure does show.
I do the same I think about photo after the fact.
Your morning glories are beautiful.

Debra said...

It's looking good already and will be especially great with the crepe myrtles!

Mary Lee said...


Nancy said...

Its amazing what a little clean up and a few plants can do... but its all hard work!! Looks nice

retha said...

Definitely hard work, rewarding too.
What a treat the bird is.