Friday, September 9, 2011


One of my constant prayers is 
"Lord do not let me become complacent in my walk with You." 

One of the many tools God uses to accomplish this is putting the RIGHT book in my hands at the RIGHT time.  This is not something new; I had observed this truth at the very on-set of my salvation and it continues as I walk out this journey with Him.  

Forgotten God by Francis Chan is just such a book. We just finished reading this one. 

What is truly amazing me is the fast pace that God had given me 3 life changing books in a row!!!  I've talked about them before but here are the other two......
by Kyle Idleman

And the 3rd is
by David Platt
I am unable to download the picture on this one for some reason :o(

The 4th book that has so impacted my life this year is

I purchased this book last December, in the midst of Suzette's battle, and was so stirred and moved by it I thought "I've got to share this book!". That was the launch of the weekly Tuesday night Bible Study that I began on January 18th in our home for 13 of us hungry for God woman.  

If you truly want to get out of your normal, average, routine, comfortable walk and complacency with God I cannot encourage you enough to read these 4 books. (Or at least 1 of them!)  It will definitely move you to a deeper, higher walk and commitment to your Lord & Savior.

We started another one yesterday!!!  It is going to be just as powerful but I'll save telling you about it until we finish reading it.

Please let me know if you have read any of these 4 or if you do. 

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Betty said...

Thanks for sharing these. I have little time for books right now, but when I do I come back here to look at some of these. They sound intriguing!

retha said...

Going to see if I can read more about them.
Can't remember seeing any in our stores. Might still be on their way.

Dawn said...

Our pastor quotes Francis Chan often and that book in particular. I must get it.

Brenda said...

Actually, right now the Lord has me only in the Word. I know this is for a season...and for a reason. I remember these tho'.

Cheryl @ The Farmer's Daughter said...

Each one of these sound like an interesting read. I'll have to look for them soon. Have a good day!