Thursday, September 1, 2011


After having just finished all those many post on the Alphabet I thought I might try to write something using the various words I had selected during Alphabet in August.  I may be a glutton for punishment on this exercise :o)

I am AMBITIOUS in trying to use all my Alphabet words.  I will not let it take away from my BIBLE time and I think I am CAPABLE enough to do this.  I won't have time to DISCUSS anything but am EAGER to give this a try.  It certainly will take a little FAITH to do this.

My GLASSES are sitting on my nose as I HUMOR myself that I got this GOOFY IDEA!  Oh my!!!  My friend Retha pointed out I'd missed 'J' and in looking it over I saw I'd also missed 'I"   Where or where is my INTEGRITY in doing such a thing.  This little IDEA is not correct and misses the IDEALISTIC goal in leaving out not only one, but two INITIALS!!  You be the JUDGE if this is a good enough JOB to finish off this JOURNEY and bring JOY to not only Susan JOYCE but to JESUS in correcting my mistakes.  So please show me KINDNESS as I study each LETTER, MANAGING to meet this NEED.

Yes, I take full OWNERSHIP of this exercize and while I didn't take the matter to PRAYER I have thought about it today in my QUIET moments.

I trust I will not REGRET this and that you will SIMPLE say, "Oh that SUSAN you never know what she'll come up with."   So I am TENANCIOUS as I strive for the ULTIMATE use of each letter.  Some calming VIOLIN music would be soothing to me right now!!

I probably should WALK but it's already dark and far to hot.  I absolutely hate to have to type XMAS here in this post.  You know how I feel about using that word.  I'm almost finished as I sit here and look at my basket of YARN just waiting for me to have the ZEAL to begin that 10th prayer shawl.

Well, I know it's been silly but it's also been fun and truthfully it was easier than I thought.  I hope my little ditty didn't bore you to death!!!

Until next time.......

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Momma Roar said...

I think this was an absolutely fantastic way to follow up the Alphabet in August idea! You are very creative! Well done!

retha said...

That was very good!
Am I missing it or did 'j' fall by the wayside?

Cheryl @ The Farmer's Daughter said...

You are very clever with words, Susan! Have a great weekend.

Momma Roar said...

Good catch Retha - and I like how you fixed it Susan. But I know why you forgot the "I" its because you know it isn't about you! ;-D You were leaving yourself out!