Friday, October 28, 2011

GREAT FRIEND - Great fun & times Visit

My forever friend, Joan, who I've known since the 2nd grade (folks that's 68 years!!!) and is truly like a sister to me, and her husband, Jim, came to visit us for 5 glorious days.

Just arriving at the airport.  They got here just in time for us to all rush home, put up their bags and head for Wednesday night teaching by our Pastor Steve on the 7 churches of Revelation. We ate a light supper after getting home from Church.

I'll be posting a separate blog about our unexpected adventure on Thursday, October 13th!!!!!!

(left to right) Jim, Joan, Susan, Mickey, Barbara & Don

Mickey & I celebrated our 53rd anniversary on October 3rd, but because I knew Joan & Jim were coming we put off "celebrating" it until Friday night, October 14th, with the 2 couples we've know the longest.  Don & Barbara had met Joan years ago in Albuquerque but have heard about her for years.  We had a wonderful time and a wonderful meal at Logan's Road House and then came back to our home and talked and talked for hours.

 Joan having fun with our King's Kitchen crown.

Saturday, October 15th we showed them around Coweta starting  at the Pumpkin Patch.

That evening I fixed my beef strogenoff dinner for the family.
Marc & Jacque with "Aunt" Joan who they'd not seen in a long time.

 (left to right) back row- Jessica, Benny, Jacque, Jim, Marc - front row - Joan, Mickey, Aric
 Shot of Mickey as 6 of us (Mickey, Susan, Jacque, Joan, Jessica, Aric) were playing Phase 10 - the rest were watching sports on TV.
 BEAUTIFUL flowers, a gift, along with a lovely card, from Joan & Jim in honor of our 53rd.
Jacque, Susan, Jessica, Joan (3 generations)
So missed Suzette & David not being here.

Sunday, October 16th, we went to Bro*ken Egg for a fabulous breakfast before taking them to the airport for their flight home to Albuquerque.  They promised to come in 6 years to celebrate our 59th!!!!  Believe me, I will hold them to it.

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Mari said...

What a wonderful visit from such a long time friend!
Happy Anniversary!

Sharon said...

How wonderful that you and your friend have stayed in touch all of these years.
Belated Happy Anniversary to you and Mickey.
It looks like lots of fun.

Saija said...

super! looks like you guys all had a joyous time ... :) ... long time friends are just as close as family, no line separates them ...

and happy anniversary too!

retha said...

Really love the pic of you all at the pumpkin patch. Got tears for the photo of brother and sister.

Can see I'll have to start doing something about that road from here to there. For I am losing out.

Cheryl @ The Farmer's Daughter said...

Looks like a wonderful time. It's such a blessing to have such dear friends and especially that many years. Happy Anniversary to you and Mickey! Have a nice weekend!

Crystal said...

Happy Anniversary! What a treasure to have a friend for so many years. I know that you are a gem of a person to have these long relationships. Happy Weekend and Happy Praising!

Yet God Is... said...

How neat to have a dear friend for so many years! Not many people can say they have such a friend.