Tuesday, November 1, 2011

A BLESSING & MORE EXCITEMENT - during my friends visit

Not only did our friends, Joan and Jim, get whisked off to Oolagah the day after they arrived but they were awakened at the bright and early hour of 7:30 a.m. with 6 workers on top of our roof, banging,  scraping and making all sort of loud noise.  Of course, we had warned them of this happening the night before when we all went to bed!!!!

Men at work at day break

Lots of noise and activity early on this October 20th morning.
The joy of all this is that they were completely finished by 4:30 that afternoon.  They had removed the 2 previous old roofs and replaced them with a brand new one.  The shingles are actually a rust color, to blend in with our reddish trim and the brown stone, but the sun was shining too brightly in this picture and it looks grey.
A better picture, from the back, showing the true roof color.

Now for the BLESSING part of our roof story.  MUCH to our surprise this brand new roof was covered 100% by our insurance coverage rebate!!!!  All we paid was $40 to have 2 extra vents put in over the garage.

Our God DOES meet all our needs and blesses us above and beyond just as The Word proclaims.

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Sunny said...

Awesome blessing Susan! You cannot out-give God and you and Mickey have surely done plenty. Mercies of God are new every morning!

Mari said...

What a blessing!!! I love hearing about how God takes care of His people. :)

retha said...

How great is GOD!
Good to hear how this has come for you.

My e-mail is long in coming, but it will.

Sharon said...

For sure you have been blessed by GOD!!!
Your new roof looks great.

Sohailah said...

yeay for new roofs and God's provision!