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Tennessee Trip - October 19-23, 2011

Son, Marc, Grandson, Aric, Mickey & I left bright and early at 6 a.m. on Wednesday the 19th for Tennessee to visit Mickey's 3 nephews (son's of his deceased sister Jane and deceased brother-in-law, Ronnie. Jane was the youngest & only girl among the 6 children) and his younger brother, Jerry, who live in Clarksville.  Mickey & Jerry are the only remaining siblings.

The trip had been planned and when the word got out wonderful things began to happen: we picked up our sister-in-law, Helen, in Memphis; another sister-in-law, flew in from PA, and a niece flew in from TX.  Another niece who lived about 100 miles away was suppose to come but didn't make it. 

At Memphis, when we picked up Helen, Mickey & I switched to Helen's car and Marc & Aric followed us on to Clarksville and our destination at Nephew Wayne's beautiful log home. 
This is Uncle Jerry (in the hat) giving Marc his greeting hug as he returned from the Nashville airport after picking up his daughter, Mickie, from TX and sister-in-law, Sally, from PA.  Diana, Marc's cousin and wife of Billy in the background.  Jerry & Mickie had spent the afternoon at the airport after her plane landed at noon because Sally's departure had been delayed and she was late in arriving. 
Mickie, Susan, Sally, Helen & Diana with Nephew Wayne, who was our host.
Marc & Aric having a ball riding the 4 wheeler at Waynes place with horses, a donkey, goats, chickens, ducks, & 2 dogs.  A real change of pace for our city boys!!
(left to right back row)  Nephew Wayne, Nephew Billy, Grandnephew Jake (younger son of Billy).
(middle row) Son Marc, Susan, Mickey, Grandson Aric, Brother Jerry.
(front row) Kaycee Step-daughter of Wayne, Sister-in-law Sally, Sister-in-law Helen, Niece Mickie.
Wayne's wife, Laura, was talking the picture and Katie, her daughter, had already left for school.

Aric & Kaycee at a separate table at the cafe as we were eating breakfast because there were so many at our table we ran out of room.  
Marc & Aric had gone with Wayne early one morning on some business and then to pick up his Jeep which was at the shop being lettered.  Then we met them at the grave site when Jane & Ronnie are buried.

Billy has a beautiful 100 acre farm, they purchased, in addition to their lovely 2 story with basement home in Pleasant View.  The farm had an old log cabin on it and Billy & Diana have restored the 2 story cabin, along with modernizing it with heat, air, etc. 

The gang on the front porch of Billy's cabin:  Aric, Helen, Susan, Sally, Wayne, Jerry, Mickey & Marc (Mickie was taking the picture)
Friday night we drove into Nashville to attend the Grand Ole Opry.  First we all went out to eat at this fabulous, and delicious, fish restaurant.  (left side) Billy, Wayne, Sally, Helen, Marc, (end) Kaycee (right side) Jerry, Jake, Katie, Susan, Mickey, Aric.  What a grand time and the show was so good!!!!!
Mickey with Nephew Wayne, Jane's oldest son and a carbon copy of his father, Ronnie. We met Wayne & Laura in Branson 2 years ago when they got married.  You can see that here. It was a very special time.  
Saturday we made a trip north into Kentucky where the 3rd Nephew, Joe, lives and leases many thousands of acres that he farms.  All the guys before we left:  Jerry, Mickey, Marc, Wayne & Aric.
Marc driving one of the huge John Deere tractors with grandson, Aric once we got to the farm.  There was another huge computerized tractor that the farm worker was operating and he took 2 at a time with him.  Amazing what the equipment does.  That one was drilling wheat as various ones rode along in it.

I took 126 pictures and they were all so great and we had such a wonderful time.  It was hard to select just 12 shots to try and tell a little of our trip and time.  Except to say it was fabulous and we plan to "do it again" next Spring but next time our daughter, Jacque, and son, David, will also be making the trip with us

Hope you enjoyed my little travelogue.

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Mari said...

What a wonderful trip! Spending time with family is precious and you had a beautiful place to enjoy!

Jillian, Inc said...

Looks like you had a wonderful time!

Anonymous said...

Looks like a good time was had by all!!!I know you enjoyed the time with the ?? from Memphis...An the time with Marc and Aric I think the farm captivated all and such a large scale operation.. I know your looking to a bigger reunion next year with the addition of 2 more of your;s and hopefully more nephews and neices an of course all the old folks that can walk, fly, hobble or anyway else that can think of the get there... Don

Yet God Is... said...

Family reunions are so much fun. I would've love to get up in one of those tractors!

Crystal said...

What a great time together! It's so important to see each other and establish relationships. Including the grandchildren always makes it even better :)