Thursday, November 17, 2011

The King's Kitchen & the blessings

I have been wanting to do an update on The King's Kitchen ministry where we feed between 50-54 shut-ins a hot meal each Tuesday.

Here we made a small change and sent them a fresh salad of lettuces and carrots with cucumber, tomato, and sliced ham on the side.  Dressing choice, garlic bread, a dessert and milk also accompanied the salad.

 Here is our ever faithful Kent getting the hot buttered rolls ready on another occasion.......
 as our faithful cook, Sherry, is taking a second look at the lasagna that is the main dish this day.
 Mickey busy putting some of the milk into the cold chest.  Our delivery teams carry 2 chests:  the blue for cold items and the red for the hot meal.  Earl, 1/2 of the husband and wife team of Earl & Ruthie, standing by for action.
 Betty & Jacki, ready to deliver the meals, but I had to get this picture because we thought it was so cute they both showed up with boots on.  We have 5 teams of 2 people each who deliver for us.

Every post I've done about The King's Kitchen has talked about the way God has blessed this ministry above and beyond what we could have ever expected.  It has been self-supporting, with individual donations, from day one and not 1 cent of tithe money has been spent on this ministry.  That is such a marvel to Mickey & I as we see this happen each and every week for the past 21 1/2 months since beginning.

We were in for a blessing that surpassed our wildest imagination this week, Tuesday - November 15th - when we walked in to the kitchen to find 4 huge garbage size bags and a huge box full to overflowing from Pa*ner*a Br*ead!!!  Our Pastor's wife, Michele, has just launched a new ministry, Right Direction, which is an after school program of tutoring for 1st through 3rd grade children from the 3 elementary schools here in Coweta.  It is being held on Monday & Thursdays and began with 85 students on November 7th. Our church had been on the waiting list for over a year to receive their day old items and in God's timing it became available this Monday, November 14th.

 We had already begun to sort through the bags, which were a mixture of everything before I thought to begin to take pictures.  Here are some of the partial opened and emptied bags.
 Kathy, who works in both The King's Kitchen & New Directions ministry as she is sorting and bagging the bagels.
A huge tray of muffins, cookies, bear claws, etc.

 Bags of sliced loaves of breads.
 An assortment of round breads and bagetts'.
left to right-KENT w/King's Kitchen - MICKEY director of King's Kitchen - STEVE Pastor - JACKI Children's Pastor - NANCY Kid's Pastor - JENNIFER w/The Food Pantry & New Direction - SHERRY w/ King's Kitchen
Some of the staff and team as we rejoice and celebrate the Lord's abundance to not only New Direction but The King's Kitchen, The Food Pantry, Thanksgiving with the Humphrey's and other ministries of our Coweta Assembly of God.

You can see the wonderful time we have as we serve our Lord and enjoy His abundant blessings and each other.  Mickey & I are so very honored to be part of this Body of Christ.
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Mari said...

What a blessing! It's great to see how God works.
Our church does an annual Thanksgiving Dinner for people in town who need it. Today I was given 5 turkeys from work to pass on to church for the dinner. The people getting the dinner together were thrilled! God provides again~

Kansas Bob said...

Thanks for sharing Susan! What a blessing the King's Kitchen is!

Brenda said...

Ok, you're making me hungry! I can't believe it's been almost 2 years for you guys. That's awesome!

retha said...

How wonderful that we keep standing amazed!

Sunny said...

I am just in awe of how the Lord has been moving in your church and ministries!!

Michelle-ozark crafter said...

What a wonderful blessing you all are!

Marie said...

That is a wonderful ministry! The food looks really delicious. God bless you.