Tuesday, November 8, 2011


 The beautiful Autumn Blaze maple tree in our back yard as it shows off it's beauty in the bright morning sun on an autumn day in November.
 Another view showing the contrast between the green honeysuckle and the bright yellow Silver Maple tree in our front yard.

As I looked at this Autumn blaze of color I thought of Mickey and I being in the Autumn years of our lives (soon to be 79 and 74).  I pray that as we live out this period of our life spans we will bring joy and the beauty of our Lord to those who look upon us.

He also took a picture of these two roses, close together, which are all that are remaining of the climbing rose bush which is usually covered with blooms.  To me this was a symbol of how God is allowing the 2 of us to remain , side by side, into these autumn years.

Thank you JESUS

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Barbara said...

Beautiful Autumn colours.

Kathy said...

Sweet reflections and beautiful pictures, Susan. Love you all!!!

Mari said...

They are beautiful - and so are you! I truly believe that you two do bring great joy to our Lord!

Sharon said...

Beautiful fall colors for sure.
What a great thought about the roses.

Brenda said...

*tears* :) You both are such a blessing to me!

Sunny said...

Beautiful pictures, Susan. You and Mickey are so blessed. I believe it is because you are continually blessing others.

Sunny said...
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Dawn said...

You're blessed, after such a rough summer, to have a long, beautiful autumn full of color. Ours is mostly gone. There is still a bit left in Maine, but not much there either.

Lovely thoughts.

Mountain Mama said...

I love your prayer Susan. It's one I am praying a lot these days. "Let me be a reflection of your love my Lord."
It has been a lovely autumn here. The tree's were more colorful than I remember seeing in a long time. We had a terrific rain/wind storm today so now the trees are mostly bare but our lawns have the most colorful carpet ever.
Love you my friend