Wednesday, December 28, 2011

DECEMBER BIRTHDAYS & a bit more Chritmas

Several years ago Suzette started a tradition of us December birthday girls (Suzette the 13th - Jacque the 22nd - Jessica the 23rd - Susan the 25th)getting a manicure & pedicure and going out for lunch.  I continued the tradition this year by treating the 3 of us with just that on Jacque's BD the 22nd.  Jessica got a fancy leopard polish job (3 different colors), Jacque and I got the sparking  Christmas red.  Lunch was at a Mexican restaurant.
Then we came to the house to open packages.  I got my girls black t-shirts that read "Peace, Love, Joy" and matched one I got myself. 
Jacque's gifts from Jessica.  This beautiful scarf & a framed picture of them running the Susan B. Kohlman cancer race in Suzette's honor earlier this year.
Jessica's fancy Paula Dean red cookware from her mom, Jacque.
A pretty new black dress with gray and black cape over-up from Jacque.
The new entertainment base & 42" TV that Mickey & I treated ourselves with for our 2 birthdays (his November 24th and mine December 25th) and our Christmas gift to each other.  We purchased the base from Benny (who is in the furniture business).  We love it and it match's the bookcases, on each side, pretty well.
Picture of the Cherry-Go-Round - annual Christmas morning breakfast treat for our family each year for years and years (way back to the 60's!!!!)
Grandson Aric playing his latest game equipment and games prior to church Christmas Day.
Mr. & Mrs. Claus before heading out to worship the TRUE meaning of CHRISTmas.
Loves of my life - grandson, Aric & youngest son, Marc.
David was down in the back and couldn't attend church with us.  Jacque had to work :o( 

Marc took us out to eat on Christmas Day so I wouldn't have to cook on my Birthday :o)  Neither one of us realized almost everything would be closed.  Mickey finally suggested calling Luby's, after we'd driven here and there just to find them closed.  They answered the phone and were open.  Yeah!!  We drove clear across town, and waited an hour in line but had a delightful meal, and of course the company was perfect for this mama.

My next post will be about my birthday gift from Marc.  It's so special it deserves it's own post.
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retha said...

I like that you continue the tradition of the manicures as well as the others.

Mari said...

What wonderful times with your beloved family. Suzette would be that you are still getting manicures. The tv stand looks great!
I think you need to post the recipe for the cherry go round - it looks similar to a recipe I make. Can't wait to hear about the gift from Marc!

Brenda said...

That Cherry go round looks delicious! Glad you can enjoy wonderful traditions with your family. Times to be cherished I'm sure!

Momma Roar said...

I too, love your traditions! What a beautiful cape for your dress!