Monday, December 26, 2011

Christmas this year - 2011

If you didn't get a Christmas card from's because we didn't do any this year!! If you came to our house, you did not see ANY Christmas decorations, inside or out, other than the Christmas cards we received from wonderful friends taped to the back of our front door!!

Mickey and I decided early on we were just not up to all that "stuff" this "first Christmas". This is the first time, in my 74 years,  that a special Christmas tree and MANY decorations have not been a part of it. 

But, we have just had one of the best, calmest, nicest Christmas and my birthday, on December 24th and 25th, that we have EVER had. The PEACE of Jesus has held and sustained us. The JOY of family and friends has blessed us. The HOPE of the New Year-2012, and what God has in store for us, thrills us. The LOVE all of you showed us helped make it so.

We celebrated Christmas at our youngest son's new, beautiful home and enjoyed most of our family being together, although the absence of Suzette (in Heaven) and Oksana (in another state) left a big hole.

 Oldest son, David, who just arrived from his fight from San Francisco, California with his Dad.
 Our 3 guys, David, Aric and Marc, just before we head out to enjoy the steak dinner from David at Logan's  Roadhouse. 
The tree and all the packages.

 The whole crew, the make shift table this year - next year will have a brand new dining room full of furniture.
Left side from front to back:  Oldest son, David - Youngest son, Marc - only Grandson and son of Marc, Aric - empty chair and photographer, father/grandfather/husband, Mickey - mom/grandmother,wife, Susan - son-in-love, Dave.  Right side back to front:  Son-in-love, Benny - Youngest daughter, Jacque - boy friend to Jessica, Aaron - oldest grandchild and daughter of Jacque, Jessica - room mate of Jessica - Julie.

David all dressed up and looking good.

 Box of goodies that arrived at our front door from David and California.
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My favorite 3 men watching the gifts being opened - David, Marc, Mickey. 
That's all folks.
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Mari said...

Glad you had a Christmas with the joy and peace that can only come from God! You were in my prayers as I knew this would be a hard year.
I'm glad you had room for some extra's at your table!

Sunny said...

Your post just goes to prove, Christmas has to do with the heart, not with the amount of "things" related to it. We are so blessed!

Brenda said...

So glad you all had a wonderful, peaceful time together! God you and Mickey always!
Much love to you.

Oklahoma Granny said...

What a nice Christmas!

Kathy said...

How nice that you all could be together for Christmas. There's nothing more special than family!

Sharon said...

I am glad that the season held joy,peace,love and family for you.
Those were wonderful family photos.
Hugs to you

retha said...

I agree with Mari.

Our house,(we can just wait and see) from the start I have said the front door must be blue. Never seen one before. Now I see behind the cards the door is ... Blue!