Monday, January 2, 2012


Many months ago I saw this picture and just loved it.  It spoke volumes to me of clinging to God's Word throughout our entire life. 

 I saved it on purpose to someday take a similar shot of my hands on my beloved Bible.
My hands aren't quite as aged as the one's above, but certainly getting there.

I have spoken many times on this blog about my precious, treasured Bible that Mickey gave me on our first anniversary and many of you have requested pictures.  It is a small, leather bound Bible measuring just 4 1/2" by 7 3/4".  It is the Bible I use every Sunday at Church and in small group.

Many of the pages are paper thin and it is marked with many notes and markings.  It has served me well, all these years, and is my most treasured possession.  I have told my family I want it to go to the person in my family who is living closest to God when I am gone.

My hope and trust is built on nothing less!!!!!!
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Mari said...

That Bible is a treasure! I've seen some Bibles like that in my line of work and always appreciate them.
Several years ago I took a picture similar to what you showed of one of our residents who was always reading from her Bible. You can see it here:

I gave a copy to her family, and when she went to be with the Lord a few months ago, they put the picture in the casket with her and the pastor spoke from the passage she was looking at - As for me and my house, we will serve the Lord. It was a perfect passage for her, and something I would love to have said about me when my time comes.

I know this will be said about you!

Saija said...

that is a great picture ... and i love your own hand pictures too ... that is the way i want my hands to look too - always lovingly in the Word!!!

Brenda said...

That would be a neat picture to frame (of your beautiful hands!) Sunny's grandmother who lived to 102 never had a picture taken without her Bible in her lap. I didn't have the privelege of meeting her but my husband knows it was because of her prayers as well as another grandmother's prayers that eventually brought him to the Lord!
o.t.- your comment came up on my post. I guess it's working now?

retha said...

Beautiful thoughts and the comments.

I would like to know that day who and how the decision was made. Praying that it will still be a very many years off. I still have to come visit. And we all know I am working on that bridge to get there :)

Kathy said...

I love this, Susan. Your hands are precious to the Lord, and He loves it when you reach daily for His word.

Kathy said...

Brenda, I also loved your comment about Sunny's Grandmother. Wonderful.