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2011 Was the hardest year of my life, to date. As always, I am going to do a review of it, based on my blog posts for the year.

JANUARY - As the year began we were dealing with 2 sad things in our lives. Suzette was into her 4th month of fighting the battle of stage IV lung cancer and our granddaughter Oksana was left on December 31, 2010 to live with her mother. Oksana is still living with her mother in another state.

I began a Tuesday evening Bible Study in my home on January 18th called WOW Woman.  WOW standing for Woman of the Word.  It is still going strong and was a real blessing and support for me throughout 2011, and still is.
FEBRUARY - The blizzard of February, 2011 was record breaking for our area. Schools were closed for days, and the area literally shut down. Mickey and I rather enjoyed being shut-in and not having to be on the go.

MARCH - I only posted one time during March, 2011 as we fought Suzette's health battle, my own small health battle, and family issues with the failure of our sons Marc's marriage.
Attending Benny's birthday celebration would be Suzette's last family outing.   You can tell Jacque has been crying.  Suzette, as always, was so brave.
APRIL - April 1st would be the last really nice, pleasant, perfect day that Suzette and I would ever share. We attended a Cancer Workshop which was so good. The weather was perfect and we enjoyed eating our lunch out on a bench. I cannot tell you how many times I have relived this day in my mind and been so thankful that God allowed us to enjoy that day the way we did.

I can't believe I didn't take one picture that day!!!!!

On April 29th Suzette left the hospital after an 8 day stay. We had high hopes.
MAY - May 19th at 11:30 p.m. our beloved Suzette breathed her last breath and was embraced in heaven in the loving arms of God and her Savior, Jesus Christ. Life for us will never be the same without her.
This picture was taken on October 4, 2010 as Suzette & Dave joined us to celebrate our 53rd anniversary.  I was taken just 12 days after she was first hospitalized and 6 days after she was diagnosed.

JUNE - I was blessed to have a time of refreshing with 4 of my 3rd Day Sisters Bible Study group at the 3rd Annual Holy Ghost Conference in Branson. I struggled as I was Trying to answer "why?" and dealing with pain.

JULY - We were BLESSED with hosting blog friends, Kathy & Danny Wright and their two wonderful children, Bethany & Daniel, for 4 glorious days. The Lord knew just what I needed in putting this wonderful family in my life several years ago. We truly have a spiritual connection with Kathy & Danny. Their visit at this time was JUST what we needed.
AUGUST - Was a busy month filled with activity and keeping ourselves busy. It was a wonderful month because we sold our 1998 30' Jayco and on August 8th we paid off our HHR Chevy and became DEBT FREE. Oh, what a feeling of freedom so long for worked toward.

My dear blog friend, Leigh Ann sent me this precious pillow she had made for me with my word for 2011 PERSEVERE.  I wept when I opened it and it was the perfect timing to remind me that yes we had persevered and we would continue to do so!!

 SEPTEMBER - Just a busy month with lots of various family and community goings on. The memorable point was daughter, Jacque, & granddaughter, Jessica,( and three other friends) running in the Race for the Cure cancer run in honor of  sister & aunt Suzette.

OCTOBER - A truly busy month - My forever friend, Joan, and her husband, Jim, visited us from New Mexico for 4 days, the 12th-16th. I treasure my LONG friendship with Joan which began in the second grade in 1943!!!  She is truly "family" to me and we have shared all the joys and sorrows, everything, in our lives over these many years. 

Then on October 19th-23rd Marc, Aric, Mickey and I made a trip to visit Mickey's side of the family in Tennessee. A fun, blessed time.

NOVEMBER - The LONG awaited day, November 23rd, when Marc's Tulsa house (which had been on the market for 18 long months) closed and he purchased his brand new beautiful home in Owasso!!!
Then the next day, the 24th, we celebrated Thanksgiving and Mickey's (79 how can that be?!) & Dave's birthdays. Certainly a day of celebration. Jacque had arranged for us to all have dinner at Forrest Ridge Golf Course which was a nice change of pace for us and so thoughtful of her. We needed a change for this "first" without Suzette.

 DECEMBER - Our special month of birthday's and Christmas. It was so wonderful getting to have Christmas in Marc's new house. Another one of our "firsts". I turned 74 (how can that be?!) and received the heart with a tear necklace in memory of Suzette that I will wear forever.

Yes, in many ways 2011 was very difficult, but also we have many precious memories of happy times and events, too.  Most importantly we were surrounded by family & friends.  We are eager to see what 2012 has for us, our family. our church and ministries, and most important ---- what God has to show and teach us. 
HE truly holds us in the palm of His hand and it is a safe place.
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Mari said...

You had quite a year, with many hard things to deal with. As always though - your faith shines through!

Sal said...

Thank you for allowing me to share in some of your memories of the year. Grief adds a special element to those memories that is bittersweet and yet precious. Maybe its because I can relate to your loss in a way that some who haven't experienced that kind of loss can relate to. I love the tear drop necklace. God's peace and blessing upon you during this new year. :)

retha said...

It is good to be able to close a year and know and see the LORD has been with us ALL the time.
So many things we do not understand, but being able to look to the LORD is seeing we do not keep 'prospecting' those things. That is what I see in you ,Ma'am. Always looking toward what GOD has in mind.

Kathy said...

O, I just love this review, Susan! I love it because as I see each picture I am reminded of the open heart policy you've always maintained in blogging and as a friend. That is a rare quality, I think. You've walked through so much this last year, and for as long as I've known you, even as well as I know you now, you try to be as God-honoring in your communication as possible. You're set a wonderful example for the rest of us, and we love that about you. Happy New Mercies Every Morning Year, Susan. We love you, and were so very very blessed and honored to be a part of the hallmark events of your year.

Debra said...

How thankful I am for that place of safety and refuge. You had such a year Susan, so brave and honoring to our Lord. God bless you my friend. May 2012 be kinder.