Friday, January 6, 2012

FRIDAY FAVORITES - My Beautiful Angel

On May 4, 2007, shortly after beginning my blog, I began to participate in what was called Show & Tell. The last time I participated was December 3, 2010.  I loved not only participating in showing something of mine but seeing all the items others would show.

I was delighted yesterday (through my blog friend Mari)to discover Friday Favorites which was just started this month.

So in keeping with celebrating my up coming 5th bloggoversary, on January 27th, I am re posting that very first Show & Tell post.

This is my BEAUTIFUL Angel .  She was a Christmas present to me this past Christmas from my daughter, Jacque.  (that would have been Dec.25, 2006 so she has graced our home for the past 5 years)

I was stunned at her beauty and delicacy holding the gentle dove in one hand and the other resting near her arm. Her lovely blue eyes and faint pink lips. Her slender hands and fingers. The filigree of her wings.

At 17 1/2" tall she is one of my largest angels. The picture doesn't capture it, but she is totally white and silver with silver specks on the doves, wings and her flowing dress.

She has a very prominent place in our home and hearts.

Go here to find out how to participate in the drawing for the upcoming give-away on January 27th to celebrate Bloggoversary #5 with me. 

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Mari said...

The angel is lovely, and special as she came from Jacque. Glad you joined in!

Nezzy said...

Awwww Sweetie, your angel is beautiful.

Along with bears and snowmen I also have a collection of angels throughout the old homestead.

God bless ya sweetie and have a great weekend and a marvelous 2012!!! :o)

Sylvia said...

Special present from your daughter Susan.

Conny said...

She is a lovely angel ... It was nice to have visited with you for the Favorite Things today!

retha said...

It Is beautiful.

Olyvia Smiles said...

lovely angel! Very precious

Sandra said...

Susan I too used to participate in Show and Tell and I actually remember this entry from you :) So glad you found my blog again through Mari, I'm going to add yours to my Google Reader :)

The angel is just as beautiful today as I remember seeing it the first time :)

Bonnie said...