Saturday, January 7, 2012


As the New Year started I began a 21 day fast of only liquids.  This is the start of my 7th day and I am pleased that the past 6 days have been victorious, with God's help. 

Our lives are built around a lot of eating, and celebrating with food, so giving up food is truly a test and fast for me.  I pray that I will be successful in this endeavor and Im listening for what God speaks to me during this fast.

I thought about doing a post just about fasting, but decided instead to share these very important occasions from our first week in the New Year of 2012.

First, our grandson Aric had minor surgery on Wednesday the 4th.  We left our house at 6:45 and arrived at the hospital by 7:30.  Aric had pre-op and the surgery was at 10.  Everything went perfect and was successful and we give God, and the doctor, praise for that. 

Aric had not eaten since 8:30 Tuesday night and he had said he wanted to go to Red Robin after the surgery.  He was released at 3:30.

 Marc & Aric at Red Robin.  Now this was a REAL test for me on my liquid fast!!!!  While my 3 guys are enjoying the wonderful fare of Red Robin, including the french fries that they bring even before you order, I dutifully ordered French Onion Soup (the only thing on that menu that was even close to acceptable) and ate only the broth.

Then Thursday Marc had asked us to come to their home in the afternoon to be with Aric as he had a prior dental appointment that he had to keep.  We arrived about 1:30.  I decided to ride along with Marc and visit one on one with him when he left at 3 and Mickey stayed with Aric. 

Marc wanted to prepare dinner for us!!!  Which he did. 
The meal he prepared:  Pork Loin cooked with sliced potato and a side of corn with black beans.  Hot reheated rolls with butter.  Please note my cup of beef broth!!!!

 Another view of the meal and these 3 wonderful men in my life.  3 generations!!!!  Isn't that wonderful?  You can see Aric is doing just fine.
A sweet church friend had made these wonderful little treats and I took them over for the guys dessert.  Aren't they the absolute cutest things?

So my first week has truly been filled with Fasting, Food & Family.  A combination that could not be better.

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groovyoldlady said...

God is so good, Susan. I am a very poor faster. But once in a while God REALLY lays it on my heart to fast. When He does it and it's not just my own "ought to", He always gives me the strength to make it through. Clearly HE's the One leading you in this!

Sylvia said...

Glad Aric is doing well - he certainly looks fine. Well done you on Day 6. KNow you will see the benefits on every front - spiritually and physically (emotionally when it is finished I guess !)

Just Mom said...

Wow, Susan! The most I've ever fasted was 2 days. But that was when a diet was leading me, not Him. Good for you! :-D

Shari England said...

The Daniel fast I am on allows fruit, vegies, whole wheat or oats, nuts and beans, and only water. No meat, no dairy, no sweets. This works well with my medical condition better than a liquid fast. And aside from recognizing how often I am tempted to reach for "quick satisfaction" throughout the day, I am also recognizing the need for "intentional preparation". Having to take the time to prepare a meal, verses pouring it out of a box or popping something in the microwave. Much the way our faith journey should be--INTENTIONAL, purposeful, with our eyes fixed on Christ Jesus, the finisher of our faith.

Mari said...

I'm impressed that you are doing this. I've only done 24 hour fasts. God is with you!
Glad Aric is done with the surgery and is doing well.

Nezzy said...

....and loads of temptation there sister!!!

I have to confess, I have to kinda lock myself away to fast and pray. God is truly good!

I'm so happy to see that big old smile on Aric's face. Ya can tell he's feelin' great and happy.

I just wanted to thank you for your wonderful Anniversary wish and hoppin' on my blog.

Please drop in often, sit a spell, kick your shoes off 'cause the door of the Ponderosa is always open.

God bless ya sweetie and have a glorious weekend. :o)

retha said...

Good to hear Aric is fine!
Those mice are so cute.

Brenda said...

You are definitely persevereing posting pictures and writing about food while fasting!
Did you find days 4 & 5 the hardest so far? When we did the liquid fast those were the 2 days that seemed unbearable and then it was ok after that.

Alida said...

I admire you for being able to handle a meal at Red Robin during your fast. That place is on my list of things I miss about the US.

joy & blessings to you,