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How would you like to change your life this year?
This is the 2nd Writing Challenge I have selected to do.

As we travel through life, and especially as we walk this walk of faith, Hebrews 11:1 Now faith is the substance of things hoped for, the evidence of things not seen, there are all kind of road sides and directional markers along the way.  Some to help us and point us in the right direction and a lot to confuse and point us in the wrong direction. 

I have been a goal setter all of my life.  I have found setting goals for myself helps point me in that right direction that I desire to go.  Do I always reach my goal?  NO - In fact I probably fail them more than I accomplish them, but that being said, I do so much better than I would otherwise.

Now to the core of this 2nd writing challenge - 
How would I like to change my life this year?
or as I usually put it -
What are my goals for 2012?

First - I am beginning 2012 with a 21 day liquid fast.  Why?  Because I wanted to start out this year with discipline.  Doing a fast breaks my normal pattern and calls for a commitment to place more reliance on Christ and less on myself.  This is the start of day 9 - How am I doing?  I was perfect until Saturday evening when I broke down and ate a strawberry yogurt.  That being said, I am back on the liquid only goal.  I will keep updating this along these remaining 2 weeks.

Second - I not only want to lose weight, but I need to lose weight.  I even hate to list this one because it has been one of my goals year, upon year, upon year.  Accomplishing this goal would really change my life this year.  I list this one 2nd, not in importance but because it will be helped and kick started with #1.

Third - To begin to live a more giving sacrificially life.  Mickey & I are givers:  we have always tithed and we give a lot of our time but I do not think I have ever given to the point of what could be called a sacrifice.  To be honest, I'm not sure what that would mean or require of me.  It is a goal this year to find out and be obedient as The Lord shows us.  You'll notice I jump back and forth between using "I - me" and "we-us" because Mickey & I truly are one flesh and what I do effects we and not only me!!!!

Fourth - To be involved in Godly activities and service.  These include:
1- First and foremost to attend regular church services, which in our church is Sunday morning small groups & main service, Wednesday evening and the 1st Sunday evening of every month.  Hebrews 10:25 Not forsaking the assembling of ourselves together, as the manner of some is; but exhorting one another and so much the more, as we see the day approaching. 
2-The King's Kitchen - a ministry within our church, which my husband started in January, 2010, where each Tuesday we prepare and serve a hot meal to elderly shut-ins.
3- Continue the WOW woman's (Woman of the Word) Bible study in my home every Tuesday evening which I began on January 18, 2011.
4- Resume attending a Bible study every Monday morning at my friend Judy's home.  She's starting it back up today.  This group has been meeting for the past 3 years (with a few breaks) and I attended from the beginning but dropped out during my daughters illness.
5- Continue to step-in to teach the Senior Adult Small Group class as called upon to do so.
6- Attend the monthly meetings of Bridges For Peace at a private home each 3rd Thursday evening.  We attended last month and were really impressed.
7- Attend a Friday 11 a.m. prayer group, let by a close friend of mine, at the Library.
8- To become more involved with Coweta House of Prayer.
9- To participate in as many small home groups meeting for prayer and/or Bible study that The Lord directs me to.

Fifth - To reach out on the social media networks.  This would include:
1- Recommit to my blog with the same dedication I had in the beginning.
2- Continue to build the Hearts In "1" Accord fb prayer group.
3- Extend the WOW Woman group to those God chooses for the fb group.

Sixth - Mickey & I continue our morning reading and prayer time :  The Bible - My Utmost For His Highest - The Word For You Today and what ever current book we are reading, and praying together.  We both treasure this time and are so thankful to The Lord that we long ago established this.

Seventh - But by no means last, be open to the leading, speaking and direction of The Holy Spirit.  To have eyes to see and ears to hear what The Spirit speaks to ME.

Some of these are changes for me but most are to continue in the things I feel God has called us to.

How would you like to change your life this year?  I'd love to hear from you!!!!!

Be sure and leave a comment so your name will be in the drawing for the gift I'm giving away on the 27th to celebrate 5 years of blogging.

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Sylvia said...

Dear Susan = big goals for 2012. What an inspiration you are. Thank you for sharing them all.

Susan Skitt said...

Wonderful goals - to be dedicated to Christ and His work. For me, my focus will be OBEDIENCE to His call with my writing and to continue to serve the Lord as a wife, mom, church pianist and teacher and a daily witness for Him.

Sharon said...

What an inspiration you have been for me. I truly also need to work on some of these goals.
I have tried and failed many times on the diet thing,but I keep adding it.
Hugs dear one

Short Stop said...

Susan - I have been reading your blog - almost every post for quite some time, and I just hardly ever comment.

But, today - you are on my heart so much and I just had to come by and comment.

First - your liquid fast - I SO admire your reasons behind it. Sometimes I need to find God in the deepest parts of me and the only way I can do that is to take something out of my life. Fasting - in one way or another.

Second - your last post on Journals resounded with me like nothing else. I have been thinking about it a lot today. Thank you, thank you for sharing that so honestly.

Third - You inspire me. In so many ways.

Kathy said...

Susan, I love your goals. I love it that you set them, and that they are so well thought out. Hugs and love!